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Transcendent Glory


Imploding in your transcendent glory,
in your love joy, oh Devine Mother.
Dying, melting, dying melting, consumed,
transfigured, lost in your very essence.
Take all of me. Take my life and live it!

I've been noticing that when the Devine Mother consumes with her love light,
the mind naturally bows in peace and surrender.

Fully surrender and open your heart.

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The Sun of the Self


I'm just sharing a stream of consciousness moment here. I feel like I'm back in New Hampshire lying in the sand at Hampton Beach, the son baking my body after an exhilarating dip in the frosty cold of the Atlantic Ocean, toes numb, but you stay in anyway. Only in this moment, a different kind of baking, the baking in the Son of the Self, in the love joy, hugging the little bush outside my meditation room window with unbounded arms, surrounded by the colorless sap, so close, yet melting into the vastness all around. Rays of love joy penetrate my heart.

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Surrender to God or Self has to be total. It has to include all aspects of life. You can surrender to a personal God or a teacher, but eventually it leads to that inherent trust, that inherent innocence, the innocence of a child. A child doesn’t trust just his parents. He trusts everyone until he’s taught not to trust. Don’t take candy from a stranger.

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A Peculiar Evening


I spent rather a peculiar evening. Something I enjoy doing is just sitting and gazing at the fire in our stove on a cold winter night. I like doing that because it naturally activates my heart. Back when I first started meditating there was a brief period where I engaged in spontaneous asunas and because of that I decided to take a yoga class. At the end of each class the teacher would have us stare at a candle. I had heard of this, but didn't really understand why she was having us do this. Now, I know. Putting my attention on the fire activates the heart.

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Full Unity in the Self


This particular video has such a strong transmission embedded in it. It hits you in the face and you can't say anything or do anything. It just is. The desire to reach out with hands toward David in recognition started to come up in seed form, but the desire could not be complely formed because there was no one there to reinforce and sustain that desire and carry it out, this body mind was stuck in that reality of the moment and could not move. So clear! In retrospect the mind says it has slipped away, but intellectually knows it hasn't because it somehow knows that's not the truth.

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Cherishing This Moment


Sitting to meditate this morning and it was all gazing out the window and musing on how the different senses give rise to different vibrations of awareness and this sense of sight merged into the vastness of the clear blue sky as a lattice of clouds formed superimposed over That and in the foreground was an emerald green bush with tiny white blossoms that glimmered in a blur in the sunlight like jewels due to my imperfect physical sight.

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Attention Is Sacred


Attention is so sacred
Attention on you, David,
On your face, your speech, your darshan
Reminds me of the beloved,
The One in whom I first met deep inside myself.
With attention on you, the beloved
Includes the outer Nature, and I merge with That.
I have discovered again the grace of the Guru in embodiment.
Thank you for your webcasts!

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Flavors of Awareness


Pod Cave

Surrounded by four walls
I lay in cool darkness in my pod cave.
Sweltering heat tried to penetrate the walls.
Only the sound of the frogs could get through,
lively chirping in my ears, as if to say, come out and play.

With no sense of sleep in sight,
I hastily threw something on and
ran out into the night,
enveloped by a damp blanket of heat.

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I am from Fairfield, Iowa and about a month ago I listened to an interview of David by Rick Archer on his show Buddha at the Gas Pump. When I saw his face, I felt like I had seen him before, maybe at MIU where David briefly went to school and where I spent many years on staff. I then went to David’s two web sights and watched all his videos, read all his writings, and began sitting in on his Wed. night webcasts.

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