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Such Grace


I’m listening to Raga Megha, an Indian rain melody. I’m watching the beautiful scenery on the video. The beautiful flute music and the sight and sound of the waterfall flowing into a pool below. I’m so sensitive to music and the display of nature. It just all flows together in bliss and love. To be born in a human body is such grace. To be in the position to be able to just observe the reality of what is and to know that this is all a play of who we are. To be able to just be innocent and enjoy, to know the truth and then just enjoy it.

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Life is a Puja, a Prasad


Who is that coming up out of the desert?
She is the Beloved.
She comes out of Her Self like a wave of incense, a perfume.
Spontaneously singing a new song, a puja.
She places her prasad in the milk ocean of her love.
In endless gratitude for the joy she has created out of this love.

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I Love You


Whether flung out in all directions through the star studded universe.

Or as waves of love flowing into my heart.

As a snowflake falling in the depths of the deep blue sea

Or caught in just here now streaming perception flowing out of its ground.

I love you.

Your mere suggestion sends me to that place in you or shifts to all places or no place.

Wherever you are I am here in love with you, as you, falling out of you, so close, and yet so far away.

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It's Organic


I can't speak for David, but I think I now have a better understanding of what David means when he says, "So nor does Realization come and stay put; you know, poised and perfect like a model in a fake photograph, smiling forever. It’s a very organic thing."

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Knowing You oh Christ


Knowing you oh Christ
I become you
You are the One Body
The Perfect Image
The Only Begotten
Son of the Absolute Father
That which is seen as
Nothing outside of Itself
And nothing inside of Itself
Only That which remains
Shining It’s eternal Light of Power, Love, and Peace
In waves of bliss and contentment
For those apparent portions of
Itself that have gotten lost in It’s own creation

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It's All Love


I'm so grateful for this love, this deepening in the heart, this peace and contentment. It's David, It's All of You, it's Nature, it's Music, it's Fire, it's Breath, it's Mother/Father. It's just here, now, always, for us, as us flowing out of Ourself as love loving Itself, bowing down to Itself, getting lost as Love Itself. I'm so grateful that Love opened up out of Itself as all of This blindly loving, embracing all of Itself, sharing and spreading Itself as you and me as One not abiding anywhere, but everywhere.

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Surfing the Infinite


Certain kinds of music inspire me. I'm listening to some Buddist chanting tonight.

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Health Tip


For Greater wholeness and vitality, one suggestion is look at yourself in the mirror and say "I love you Judy", whatever is your name. Or if this resonates more with you, say: "awareness and body are one". Do one of these or both, if you like, when you have a few moments during the day or during your meditation time. For a specific health problem, you can say: "I love you back pain", or "I fully embrace you back pain." Or you may prefer to say: "awareness and back pain are one".

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How Can You Not Know?


When you begin to see that love, that glory, that grace, that sap that surrounds and permeates everything including your body/mind, when your mind bows in silence, in nothingness to this Divine heart and the heart bows in love to this nothingness in a perfect balance with each other, how can you not know you are That? How can you not spontaneously sing that song out of the very depths of your being? In total surrender, in total innocence, That is the reality.

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Clarity will show you if you are able to stop and observe when your own desperate craving arises that this is just an unconscious craving of desperation. This observation of a craving can be used as a way to remind yourself to fully accept and love yourself whenever desperation appears in your life. Whatever arises, love That.

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