Such a Beautiful Day

It seems like I have reached another milestone in my spiritual walk. The peace and contentment is more apparent in my daily life then ever before. It use to be that I rarely was at peace outside of meditation. David's transmission has been so very beneficial in bringing this about.

In the last few weeks I have had times when I would naturally remain in this contentment for a good part of the day even during stressful situations. "It just happens." as I have heard David use these words. I was always so concerned about becoming enlightened etc., but now with this seeping in of contentment that concern is being washed away. This has been my greatest desire for most of this life. Such grace it is to finally see this happening.

Tonight was mystical. I went outside to water my garden and looked up to see the full moon. It was like Mother had just song her lullaby. Everything was so lush and vibrant and yet at the same time that peaceful innocence was present. I felt so full. David's webcast just heightened everything.

I was thinking about one person's question. "Is clarity love?" My mind was thinking that usually I think of clarity as having to do with the mind, but then I thought, well when the heart becomes more refined, you could think of that as a clarity of heart. I was so full in David's transmission it was amazing I could even think much of anything. It seems that everything all melts into itself; so clarity and love are there together, but it's not necessary to try to explain it.


Nice post! I really enjoyed reading this! Thank you.