Last night's webcast got me in a cognition mode and I came into a clearer understanding of reality. The concept of reality having manifested from the past as a creation is a very strong cultural idea. I had a former teacher who pointed out that the source of life can be found at every point but I never thought about this with regard to the manifest world as a non-linear happening. It just all came to me when I asked David in consciousness and the words streaming in every moment came to me. Reality isn't the big bang, an occurrence that happened in the past, it's all happening in this moment. The creation didn't occur in some far off time period, it's this non-dual reality that just is now and forever, forever not meaning in the future, just now.

It appears to our senses that there are these levels, but it's just the unmanifest streaming or really appearing to stream in every direction in every moment out of its source at every point in creation. There is no creator, or individual person observing this. It's just consciousness itself knowing itself.


Yeah, I know what you mean. But its really hard for me to put into words. Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed reading this!

By ryan