Tonight’s webcast got me fired up because I love the topic of prayer. I like to inquire or delve deeply into the subject from both a dual and non-dual perspective.

Both the dualists and the non-dualists can learn from each other if they desire to be open-minded about the topic. To me, prayer is a form of manifestation. To manifest something, you need the full power of the mind and a strong desire to bring it about, you need to put your heart into it, believe with all your heart that it will manifest, visualize it, sense it with all your senses and ask others, as many other people as possible to do the same thing, at the same moment while being in a meditative state.

For example, I was at a conference of meditators, and we were all gathered together and our teacher asked us to meditate and focus on this desire, put our attention on it. When the mind is at its source, it is most powerful, and if you have a desire while in Samadhi, it will most likely manifest because the full power of the mind is focused on this desire. I don’t remember what that collective desire was, but we all wanted it. If you really have a strong desire for something, you naturally see it, feel it, and desire it with your whole being. We all desired this in the same moment as one being making the desire even more powerful.

Another example was when I was in church. In this church, before people pray for each other, they worship. This will bring them into a state of devotion through their love. In this state of devotion, the power of the spirit is likely to manifest. If one is in the spirit strongly enough, it will quiet the mind so that prayer is most powerful. In this state, the people in this church prayed for each other. They all had a strong belief that their prayer would bring results, and they all prayed for someone together because they were taught to do this. This made their collective desire more powerful and more likely to come about.

Whether you call it prayer or putting your attention on a desire, it’s the same thing. Non-dualists tend to do this in meditation by themselves. A desire will come up in meditation or in a enlightened person, during their daily life and depending on how deep you were, and how strong the desire was in that moment, will determine to what extent your desire manifests. Even though there is only consciousness, if as many people as possible have their attention on a desire it will more likely manifest. That’s what non-dualists can learn here; if all aspects of the Self or as many people as possible are focused on this desire, the desire will have greater strength and will most likely manifest. Collective meditation will bring greater results.

Dualists tend to focus on gaining results from prayer through an intermediary. They call it intercessory prayer. For example, a Christian will pray to Jesus instead of praying on their own. They believe Jesus’ faith is stronger, thus a more powerful belief, will bring about results. They don’t realize that we all have this ability within our own selves to manifest a desire and that if we desire from a quiet mind along with a strong belief, we will have greater results. We don’t need an intermediary if our desire comes from the source of thought. Our prayers will be more effective if we see to it that through worship and devotion, the power of spirit has manifested fully enough to quiet the mind, so that our prayers come from a mind that is clear and focused.


Thanks for sharing Judy! Its an interesting topic to me. I think you explained your thoughts and experience well. I don't personally have much experience with prayer. But I feel there could be something to it. And then I don't. Depending on what came first. The chicken or the egg. But that doesn't take anything away from it. I think its about the experience. Some how it happens. But then if in the experience of knowing the outcome previously then it doesn't to me. Not that i have lots of those experiences. I dont. But I can go round and round. But the bottom line I feel is it does and somehow there really isn't any time. The past, present, and future is some how all in the same moment maybe. And the gift of not knowing and being in awe of surprises is really cool.

And then again I believe when we want with all are heart to want something it will happen. It seems like in my experience its so as long as I'm willing to surrender to all its consequences. Such as for me spiritual growth. For me I desired it entirely it seemed. But for me for it to happen I had to become rattled, shooken up, and forced to let go of a lot of ideas that were in my way. But I think when we truly want something from the heart consequences are no big deal. Something to be thanked, loved, and cherished.

Okay I'm just rambling my thoughts. Hope you don't mind. Thanks again for sharing. I enjoyed your thoughts and experiences!!

By ryan

I really enjoyed reading this....seemed like a nice balance to Wednesday evenings program!