I listened to David's webcast tonight and wanted to share my thoughts about courage. Someone asked on the webcast if courage is needed for realization. David said something to the effect that it brought up to him courage that is associated with the military and the wrong use of power. That is certainly one way of thinking about the word courage. In that context, courage would not be necessary for realization as David pointed out.

I was thinking of courage in another way. For some people, it may take a kind of spiritual courage to surrender to what is. If that person has no knowledge, no teacher, he might have a kind of fear of what could happen if he starts a spiritual path. Maybe his situation is so unbearable, that to just relax and be innocent brings up fears that he has suppressed through keeping so busy because he hasn't had the courage to face the fears. To just be innocent and be with what is can bring up stress that needs to be released and it could take courage to just sit with, for example fear, without following the desire to engage in some activity instead of being with the fear.

I went through a long period in my spiritual walk where very strong emotions would come up during meditation, or even during quiet times during the day. I had the courage to go through this for many years because I had a teacher at that time who explained that this could happen and not be concerned about it. I wanted to bring this up in case there is someone reading this who is going through a period where they are having a lot of ruffness, release is happening. It's ok. Be courageous and go through it. Don't give up, even if it takes years.

I want to mention, with David, receiving his transmission has a soothing effect on me and I don't experience ruffness in his presence. That period where I was releasing a lot of emotional pain was pretty much over before I met David. However, it is possible that regularly listening to David's webcasts could help smooth out any ruffness that you may be experiencing.


Your absolutely correct I feel. Courage was what made everything happen for me. My experience is like what you described yours to be like. I have no idea what David had to say in reference to the military and courage. But sense I am a vet from the military I will speak from my experience. The military is designed to find the courage within oneself from the very first day of boot camp. For me after going through those type of challenges. I remembered that while I was going through my spiritual awakening. And when it was hard i would thibk this is easy peasy compared to my previous challenges. And peace would come over me.

By ryan

To add some context on my experience. For me my spiritual awakening it was made easier because of previous challenges. Telling my self its easy peasy helped me. Not that it was actually easy peasy. In some ways my spiritual awakening took more courage than the military. And I think life itself is full of challenges. All of which build courage. The military is just one of the infinite. Past life recall I have found to be frightening but then giving courage to. I can go on and on contemplating my experience about courage. I really appreciate you bringing up your experience. The brief explanation of yours made me feel warm inside. Thanks Judy!

By ryan

Nice post. Like the courage to have no courage. Soft into the moment. Fluid and molded by the unknown. And so captivated by whatever is happening and loving it deeply and tenderly. I think David's transmissions are like anesthesia allowing us all to melt. I need them because I don't have courage. It would all be so hard without this grace. I have no courage but only grace.


Yeah, I also think courage is not even needed. The courage to have no courage. Thats great insight to me. IIts like to me, what ever is there is how its going to be. And Davids transmission melts a lot of fears I have found. My posts are kinda off beat I think, cause I was on my own when the kundalini happend and used weird techniques. Lol. But I am kinda weird. Lol

By ryan