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Just before the webcast I had been struggling with feelings of despair about my life; with feelings of not belonging; of not being spiritually advanced enough to be a part of David's community... I was feeling utterly left out and infinitely lonely, sunk in a powerful vortex of negativity. During the webcast meditation I was feeling all this still. I simply couldn't get free of the vortex, although I kept returning to awareness of Davids' form sitting patiently with us. Then I suddenly felt as though I passed through his form into that Field of Compassion.

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The meditation went by very quickly for me today - it felt like about 10 minutes instead of 40. I was feeling an intense aching sadness for a while. I kept remembering that David was sitting patiently with us and I thought of my heart connection to him. Then there was a lot of intense warmth in the centre of the chest, as well as the solar plexus, all the way through to my back. It's still there now, quite intense in my back.

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Heartfelt dream


I had an extraordinarily beautiful dream the other day, and felt I must write to David to tell him about it and the background behind it. He said it was a powerful darshan and asked me to consider posting it here, so here it is. I live in Australia and cannot come to the US to sit with David in person, so perhaps it may be helpful to others in the same situation.

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