Taken into Relationship

You are my name wiped clear by waves
- my blood flowing as oceans in the veins,
laughing with waves all over the planet.
In this Awakened Atmosphere
with the quality of Nectarous, Love-Satisfaction –
Your Bed keeps me Warm,
in your soft sheets of Eternal Bliss.

I will enter You as Me.
No face will turn to see
if there is any recognition
Here or There,
we already Know
that all is She.
All is Her:
Burning Heart –
drunk with contentment.

Everywhere in You - Delicate Feeling.
That You absorb me, as I take in You
The Eternally Lost Lovers, dead in an engrossing field
Of such shining Beauty that makes all eyes smile and shine – weep for no thing - in Surrendered Devotion
Who would have known that You
are the taste of Love
eternally consuming the dear, dear Sweetheart

In deepest rest of Love-satisfaction - in flotation of Unbearableness,
the Heart laughs tickling in any place and time
With thrilling Bliss on every side - I know no thing –
in Absolute recognition
of Life’s continuous relation with Itself
A Joyous Play – maya –
all this world is just a play,
and I
the joyful player

Left in Absolute Love with dream for no other
With room for no one - I breathe You so Intimately
My Longing, my Dream - You found me
You took me in like a mother
carrying her baby in her warm, soft womb.
I take You in - cause I can do nothing else.
Everywhere I turn; is You
Even in my turning.
I am completely Alone with You in Boundless Intimacy
Here... where Everything Dissolves.
Everyone’s Beloved – You who are Alone with every single life-form.
You Love-womb that encapsulates Everything - nothing ever turns away from You
Even though it turns, and turns freely in every imaginable form.
A play taking every possible shape and face – is my Love’s Face
remaining a single Love; a Lovemaking so sweet
that it takes in all others - for it can do nothing else

I can try to take a picture, play a song or speak about this, but it doesn't express this intimacy of Full Feeling - of Relationship - of being taken into Relationship. A relationship beyond separation and duality, a relationship of no otherness.
Now I am feeling what David is talking about: Being taken into Relationship. This is so well described, one need not say anymore than this.
Once and for all one is taken into Relationship as a permanent state of everything as That/everything as Love of Always Only being That, yet it's a continuity of always, eternally being taken into Relationship of Shakti/maya. An ongoing happening of Love making love to itself, yet something that never happens but is a constant Love with no "other".

It’s funny how nothing is really IN relationship – but everything IS Relationship in its very nature, yet one can’t say this, cause because everything IS Relationship, even duality is Relationship, and therefore everything that occurs and happens in this world is intimately IN Relationship. Not that anything defines wheither something is in Relationship or not – it just is – without effort or specific circumstances; it’s everything’s Nature. Yet it’s as if the snail on the leaf is loving the plant, and the crane fly close to the snail is whispering stories to the snail it’s so intimate, magical, like an ongoing fairytale; everything is so Devoted – in Love – in Relationship

Like the worm appears
Only to disappear back into its worm hole
The blood veins shows beneath the hair and skin of a horse
Only for the blood to continuously pump and circulate within its body.
Like the smell of grass reaches my nose and intoxicates my brain
Only to remain full in itself in the air
Everything is In Relationship,
yet there are nothing and no one to relate
There is only Self – as Love – as Relationship
It’s reality – the most real of all

All sounds turn inward towards themselves
As if every tune was played for itself alone
As if every tune is bending in Love for itself
Embracing itself in Unbearable Love.
As if the world is always standing still
bending in Love for itself.
Yet the world moves rapidly
But in Love and Devotion its as if it stands completely still
In endless Devotion for Itself
It can’t take all this Love - it dissolves as it.
I only hear Love; in Relationship
I am there where the tune occurs, and here where the tune meets my ear
I am both here and there, but neither am I here nor there - I am in Relationship, I am Relationship.
A tune, a song is liquid-love
Candy for my ears and brain,
honey in my veins,
ecstasy in my nervous system
It’s Just Love;
pure, simple Beauty,
Dancing with itself, only for the dance alone.

How can my toenail be in Relationship
With who? - With no one.
There’s only That
This is Beautiful.
So Full - In Love.
So Satisfied - In Relationship.
And the nail is in Love with the toe, the foot and the leg.
Each one is soaked in Love
Satisfied in itself, but reaching out to everything else
Cause it can’t help Bursting in Love.
Therefore it’s all Relationship –
Love bursting in Itself

Love is completely available to Itself as Everything
Without conditions
It’s completely ON everything –
it’s so intense
It takes everything in,
A very feminine way of swallowing everything in a soft womb

This Togetherness IS Relationship, it is what everything IS. Nothing is IN Relationship, its not to say that a bee is in relationship with a flower, or the sun is in relationship with the plants – everything is so intimately in Relationship, that it IS Relationship – Togetherness - Abolute Tenderness.
Even though the sun might disappear, or the bee leaves the flower, everything is still as much in Relationship as it always is.
But as a bee visits a flower, as the sun kisses the plants, as the birds fly in the sky the dual world/maya is showing that is IS Relationship. Everything in the dual world IS Relationship, its completely attached to one another in Love.

The way water flows and touches itself – is Love – The way my fingertips touches my own skin - is Relationship
Love has become so Full that there’s Togetherness. As if Shiva has become so full in Shakti - in Love, that it’s Relationship.


I love your expression of your dance with Mother. I feel happy and full knowing another being is being possessed by her love also. Thank you!