My home is where You are

My home is where Love is –
Homeliness is with You.
This is just for me, for every me
To come together in Togetherness
Like many petals on a flower, all attached to the same ovary.
As unborn Nothingness,
for the first time we come into the Life of Everything.
In one life we are born for the second time.

I look at Love standing before me,
I see through Love,
I look into your eyes
as I look out through them.
In a mirror where no reflection is needed,
there is neither room for any of us,
we exists only
as Love.

As Love the heart rolls
in spiral shaped movements,
as clouds, as waves, at hair, as wind.
What hold each star apart in the sky,
what holds your body and mine,
we will never know.

It’s the mystery of Love itself,
love for Love alone.

My home is where the Heart is,
my heart is in Love,
my love is where I am not,
my home is with You.
In unbound, tender intimacy, neither you nor me
What shall I call this us without we -

Where will I rest
as a soaring bird without landing place?
When nothing is left but the heart
As Love I will forever rest.


So fragrantly beautiful. Thank you! Namaste!


I love reading about your experience. You are quite an artist the way you express it! Thanks for sharing!

By ryan