I can't write anything

I wrote a blog yesterday, but Mother doesn't want me to write anything. She takes everything away. I feel it is because of her desire to fulfill everything. Words may come out of my mouth, but mother swallows the words back into herself. Even though I may melt away in her infinite light-colors of bliss and devotion it fades into further and further and further bliss; Mother won’t let anything beautiful be the last beauty, she is the unending ride of infinite beauty and life. She takes everything into herself. I may feel, think, say, write or believe something but as soon as it comes it goes away.

So I am writing one more blog now, and can't find any words to write. I feel like a silent bird on a branch, not silent because I have nothing to say, but silent because Mother is so beautiful that I can’t say anything.

But I want to honor Her; Mother: It's the cry of my heart the thankfulness in me: She gave me life, she gives me life in every breath, she gave me a job, money, food, warmth and clothes. She took my best friend/my sister into basic Self Realization and Devotion. She takes all living beings into Her, cause they are all Her.
When I thought my suffering was too much and injustice - Mother came to tell me it's all good. Mother came to tell me to: let it be. Mother came to show and tell me that she likes it just like this, she came to tell me that I am lost in Her, that she carries me now, that her legs walk as mine, that her heart beats as mine, that her voice sings as mine. And even though my body suffers, even though my life in so random, Mother shows me that she wants me, that I am alive because of Her. I am suffering because of Mother, so I can be completely devoted, and thankful for the most simple thing of all: being able to breathe. Each breath is my devotion, my thankfulness to Mother. She lets me breathe.


That's beautiful! I can relate in many ways. Thanks for sharing!

By ryan

What a beautiful post. There is no other choice but her......then finally there will be no choice to be made.....it's all her......I feel this in your writing....Much love to you. You write beautifully. Namaste.


Thanks for sharing this beautiful experience. You've captured the strange, terrible beauty of life. Jai Ma!

By LLRogers --

Lyn in Oakland, CA

This really moved me, thank you. Sometimes the heart overflows and there is nothing to comprehend but infinite manifestations of oneness i feel. It is awesome in the true sense...I guess this is what people mean by Mother, so thank you for honoring her, I have known her by my own names. And in silence...Love to you. I have been so amazed by the ceaseless rhythm of the vibratory shakti too and that is endlessly beautiful to me...its amazing how we can intuit perfect wholeness even while it's so potent with the most wholehearted feeling and desire.

By David N