A Hymn of Devotion

I have written hundreds of songs for You
I am but Your Song
My body is You
- your every-bodies

My name is Devotion
I exist only as We
the symbiosis of every me
The infinite relationship of Devotion

Life is but Devotion
It’s the love for the Other One
As lungs devote to the breath, the breath to the air,
the heart to the beat, and the beat to the blood.

We are the lover and the beloved
more two than one
More us than I
More together that alone

Existence is Devotion
eternally swallowing itself
like waves arise to dissolve in the sea
all life forms appear
only to return to what they are:
The Eternal Life of Devotion
Life and death - the constant Love for the Other One


Lose yourself in Love
That is what You are

But I’ll free you from your You
And take You into Me

And I’ll even let my Me go
so we can melt into We

Together we breathe
In a single in and out
As the hymn of Devotion

Devotion is the hallo
and also the goodbye

Brokenness expanding
- cause such is Love.

Hallo and farewell
to you, me and we.

What stays here undisturbed
Is Love - the You-Me-We


I think I get it. And I'm totally blown away in the words here. I have contemplated to how there can't be anything but devotion. As that is all there really is. But what you did here with words is amazing. I hope you follow your gift and blow the world away with it! Thanks so much for sharing this here! So I and others may read it.

By ryan