"Get REAL man"! He said

Some random guy on youtube said: “People don’t want perfection – they want something REAL”. And I got inspired to write to all of you –

That's just how the dellution: "enlightenment is becoming perfect" - should me taken. Cause it's not that... not that not that. I Love UG cause he is so REAL. And so is David. I love how UG says he has nothing to tell us, and that we have to forget everything... hahaa.. he is so "careless" and there i feel the true care. the thrilling news that tickles in my belly like an unlimmeted laughter exploding. So funny.
I feel everything anyone could ever say or believe about enlightenment isn’t enlightenment, cause enlighenment is REAL; it's reality. It's being so real that most people would never want to go there if they knew what it ment(so when people continue fighting to become "some enlighened person", maybe that's a sign they haven't yet given up the fight to become, and instead "being made" Real) cause in my case being Real is: Not being able to turn away from being real. Hahaa. It's a trap I can't get out of, but it's a very Kind trap, I't good to me - but I have no idea what good is - it's an ungoing Wonder

And what can one say about reality? Hmm, one could say alot of s*** and I did it already, and I still do... sorry - (don't believe anything I say in this blog). hahaa...
I am becoming more and more real as life goes on, step by step. And Robin Williamson sang to me:"Be glad! For the song has no ending", and I am glad! becoming Real has no ending. (It's not like the "reality-train" stops somewhere at a station called "Reality" hahaa... and I am gonna get of there, no way man, the train never stops and I am learning to become used to it without loosing my mind on the ride).

So all we know is that everyone that says they know something doesn't know. hahaaa... And everytime someone says they have nothing to tell, perhabs we should really listen carefully to them hahaa - it's all a joke I can keep laughing at, it's always gonna be funny. But we can't trust anything or one who knows or doesn't know, that's why we have to become REAL ourselves. And I feel David REALLY wan't us all to become Real; he is Real.

And ohhh my… life is REAL! It’s so, so real. Emotional and physical pain is REAL. Not only the individual pain, but the collective - The animals, the plants, every little cell of the planet and universe. Suffering with all suffering that’s going on. And on a planet where the delusion and egoism is ongoing and growing, and the pollution man is creating is permeating the entire earth and creation with an increase of about 100% for every 10 years(according to a study of the skin of the polar bear now and before the industrialized world) – all we can do realizing all of this as we become more and more real(more and more human), is to die of fear, sorrow and disease, or die into endless LOVE.

Life here on planet earth 2013 is… hmm... really tough in many ways. Especially when you wake up, cause what we wake up to isn’t just paradise – no way! - TRUELY it IS Paradise, but we are still functioning as a creature in a delluted world.(what creature we are I am not gonna go into - David does that so well. I especially like when he said we would be looking out of the eyes of a wolf or a bird or a lizard :))
I am only alive on this very day, because of Love. I am but a baby-bird in the nest with all my siblings, waiting to be feed by Mother :) - (you should see me - i do somewhat look like a very ruffled and scared bird needing care hahaa)
As basic self realization "came upon me" my senses got ripped clear, and for almost 2 years my pineal gland went crazy, so I was having firework-northernlight-explosions inside my head day and night keeping my sanety on the edge, (I then realized I had all kinds of nutritional deficiencies and that my body was really toxic even though I was living and eating very clean). So my body is coming more into ease, yet my sensitivity is very extreme. The environment makes me sick, and I am in constant doubt about the future of my body and health, doubt about survival, money etc. Life is a compromise, for every breath I am doing myself good yet harming myself. But that’s reality for me; that's being real in my case.
But I am alive because my heart has become so, so soft, so kind. All my sharp edges are becoming more and more round. I am the clay constantly being shaped by "someones" hands, shaping me so I can be like a smooth stone in the ocean, having fun with all my brothers and sisters. Learning to live on the edge without edges, having my only joy in taking of my evening wear all my glory - and smear myself into ash, so only my tender heart is the jewel that shows.
The bodytemple is so, so fragile, so the Full Feeling of Pure Ecstasy can take it for a ride; so the reality of living as a mortal human, can take it for a ride.
Ahh... it's so beautiful I can’t take it... life is so amazing I can only Care, and yes it’s so horrifying and painful that the softness of the heart explodes even more. I feel this is the "good circle of life" - it's ME.

Taking a breath; living - taking in all the realness about life. Exhaling; dying - letting go of everything. I feel living is holding Everything like I would hold a newborn in my arms, or like burying a loved one - I couldn’t care more... I couldn't suffer more... yet tomorrow is gonna give me even more. And I don’t know if I should laugh or cry – so I’ll just get real and laugh and cry.

Well… with all this I wanna say: Thank you for all the help I was given and is given! I don’t know who to thank, or who not to thank – so I’ll just thank everyone and everything for all the help and love. I wish for every human breathing right now, that they will become Real.(and I will avoid going into detail about what becoming Real means for you, or you or you. It's your Mystery; your Reality. I could never say anything about it. So come on.. tell me... What's it like for you to be Real? How does it make you Feel?)


I really enjoyed reading this. I too am going through nutritional issues with my gut. And I eat healthy mostly organic and partly raw. But some sort of detox and rebalance is going on. I have abused my stomach area from years of stress and storing intense emotions. I have been doing a lot of reading about the intestines...lol. My body too is ultra sensitive. Keeping the gut happy is a major piece in our well being. If you have any success or insight with what is working for you please share. Namaste!


I am glad to hear you have discovered things that can help you! I am glad I am not alone being so sensitive and fragile. Yes, I have stuff to share with you. I am eating a raw mostly vegan diet. I discovered I had metal toxicity: copper toxicity, gall/liver stones and kidney stones. I had zinc, iodine, b12 defeciencies. I found there are specific mineral balances in the body that has to be in balance. fx: zinc-copper-iron, sodium-potassium and the omega 3-6 ratio. You can read about all this on the net. I don't know what it was, but after I had some raw eggs my pineal glad finally calmed down to a degree where I could sleeping at night(my pineal went crazy for almost two yearn untill I had some whole raw eggs a couple of weeks ago). I can feel everything, as I start taking a supplement I feel what it does to my body-mind. Something about the eggs really helped my brain(occipital lope), and glands. I was not very open to consuming animal products, but my body was really suffering in so many ways, so i'm glad i tried it. I am happy whenever my body is able to function a little. But I have been, and still am, in doubt wheather I am gonna live or die, I don't know. I hope some of this could help you Lynn. Take care XXX

By Imayami

A lot of my issues are also hormonal in regards to menopause. I am doing a lot of supplements to help re-create balance. I am almost through it. It is interesting that you talk about not knowing whether you are going to live or die. Is this condition of yours actually life or death? I ask because many people I know have been saying the same thing. They have vague symptoms but keep feeling like they are going to pass away soon. I really don't think they are (at least not right now...we are all actually dying each moment in this time perspective). I wondered though if there was some sort of larger thread of mass consciousness streaming that they were picking up on.....given the current state of affairs on our planet. I also wanted you to know that when I get to Southern Oregon (I am currently looking to land the right job), I should have a bigger place to stay with guest quarters. You would be most welcome to stay. David is a little over 5 hours away by car. I am hoping to get there soon. The energy in AZ does not settle well with me. I hope your health balances soon. Like you I am very sensitive to vibration. Om shanti Om shanti Much Love


Oh Maya I am on the same boat and I do not have an unswer.
There is a nice essey by David called Real Thing.


By Amina

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By Amina

In my experience of being real leads me to a growing honesty and integrity of who I am. Who i am seems to be based on a growing knowledge from life experience. The honesty becomes raw in that its less filtered. Less filtered because its more real. That then in itself along with leads to a growing integrity. They to me go hand and hand. They hold hands through the fear of being so.

By ryan

And I loved reading your post! I got a lot out of it. Thank you Imayami!

By ryan

Maya I had interview for 2 jobs so hopefully I get one and than I can send you some money. Please leave your paypalll here or email me directly shantamamina@hotmail.com Love <3 :-)

By Amina