David is Magical - Something funny about dreams and waking

I have something really fun and magical to share.

Being "around David" is so magical, its unbelievable. I don't even know David as a person.

I often dream of David at night, and I have realized its as if my sister often dreams what I experience in my waking state.
She often shares her dreams with me, and it's so incredible when she tells me about things that I have never told her I have experienced in the waking state.
For example I often come very close to birds, and last spring I came so close to a starling that was so beautiful, its feathers had the rainbow spectrum of colors, and it sang so beautifully. I was so intoxicated - the entire field was just That - quivering in exhilarated bliss and and intoxication. And one year after this my sister experienced the same thing in her dreams.

Last night I were with David in my dreams, and he was one with all the small lettuce-plants that grow in my garden, baby lettuce and David united in this Lovemaking - it was such a beautiful dream where both David and lettuce was there - but none of them was there . Then I woke up in the middle of the night, soaking in the continuous "everything As David". In the sweet darkness, the stillness so alive - absorbed in a Room of Love, inhaling David. Looking at David’s picture on the wall - seeing and feeling Him everywhere, as I do all the time. Falling asleep again continuing to be so close to David, and my sister was there with me.

While I were with David in my dreams, my sister was asleep dreaming what I experience in my waking state at the moment; that Everything eternally waves at me while I wave back at Everything. She dreamed she was swimming in the sea together with a fish, which she found out was headed toward the light. She walked upon the beach standing on the shore. As a wave rolled onto the shore she saw there were an otter inside it, which rose throughout the water surface. It waved at her and she waved back. Then they just stood there waving at eachother.

I am like air breathed into Your lungs
Like dew dissolving on flowers.
Existence is like sweet music.
In the love-bed of no arising
everything arises anyway -
because of Love.
All the hissing leaves waves at me;
Everything sais hi –
takes me into itself.
The duck swimming at the beach, seeking for food in the water,
invites me so intimately into itself - in Love; in Relationship.
As I lie among horses, they take me in – absorb me - like I absorb them.
I melt within their sounds, movements and scents,
I am taken deeply in under their skin
as they consume me; enter me.
As I Swim in the sea close to seabirds,
they invite me in – I become one of them; a cared family member.
I swim in Love’s Waters as a human-sea-bird-wave.
As I gaze into the eyes of a woodpecker– it shows me the entire Universe.
In Love-mating; in flying away -
our eyes eternally gaze upon one another.


This post is profoundly beautiful. Thank you.

By paul

Yes, I know that moment of waking in the light filled darkness, full of love. Thank you for bringing me back to my heart. It is like waves! We are being rocked in a sea of love.

By Vivian Andrews --


Thanks for sharing this! I can relate in so many ways. Since meditating with David my energy has changed dramaticaly. Making all the difference in the world. I had bliss with guilt for feeling good. Now i have much more bliss with confidence. Big difference!!!!!! I believe we are very lucky to have David!

By ryan

Magically sweet!


I love what happens with you and your sister. A wonderful example of non-duality at work. And David and the lettuce. Such a lovely poem too!

By jasalerno


By Amina