Love is the answer

When I first stumbled upon David's videos on YouTube I was struck by the beauty, purity, aura of light and clarity of His teachings. Then reading His ekstatic essays on His webpage, then His book, then attending online meditations I was more and more amazed and enchanted. His wisdom was shattering and deconstructing my intelectual "understandings". Wonderful Shakti transmissions were comunicating living Reality. Also I realized how painfuly separate I was, avoiding relationship.
I dreamed how great it would be to meet David in person. And all of a sudden - I was in San Francisco, sitting in His Presence, wrapped in His Love, sweet energy pouring into me. I felt welcomed, blessed, and embraced by His Love.
The beauty of it was breathtaking, and it was like an answer to all my wantings, all my spiritual investigations.
Now, there is nothing else to look for, nowhere else to go. All I want is to surrender completely and let this Divine Love burn me, dissolve and live through me.
I want to express deep gratitude and love for David, for leting me taste Divine Love, for leting me sit in His Beautiful Presence.
I also want to thank all friends who warmly welcomed me, especially Orley and Abha, who was very friendly and helpful.
Love to all of you, Namaste


It was such an honor to meet you. You are such an inspiration. I hope to see you soon!

By Abha --


Dear Malgosia,
I am thinking a lot about this amazing Grace, that created our meetings with David.
David's Divinity is so mysterious. New surprises pop up once in a while, revealing the sweet, intelligent
and chaotic Reality which is beyond any understanding.
This month with David was heavenly for me. No words can describe what I have felt.
It was out of the world experience of being embraced by Mother Consciousness.
I am blissed out to read your lovely descriptions. It is so familiar and nostalgic.
I miss David, all the wonderful people, and the ocean.
I wish that more devotees all over the world will experience it too.
Your heart is beautiful...

By ocean