What is a David Spero Intensive?

What is a David Spero Intensive? To me…everything and no-thing.

The everything is the divine imprint of what it is to be fully alive, charged up, and complete… To feel each cell and the minutest bio-particle vibrating with a life-force infusion of extreme sensitivity and intensity… Thus creating within a powerful presence potentiated to topple the most deeply rooted untruths and dismantle all false programs, defense systems, prophets, and belief boxes… To then serenely, softly, and sweetly set free and unveil the most precious and intimate of all secrets, mysteries, and knowingness…the true revelation of our own Beloved Self, shimmering radiantly in its full regalia and splendor as infinite beauty, bliss, ecstasy, and rapture.

The no-thing is simply the sneaky, ever scheming and demeaning mind…now stun-gunned into silent retreat.

Thank you, David, for sharing your love, devotion, living infusions of Shakti streaming from within your heart’s deepest communion with all of us.

For one who has traversed the spiritual planes through many decades, popping into myriad doorways and directions, I have arrived at a new threshold. My search is complete. The ease and grace of what you have to share is so insanely simple, and yet so ingeniously profound!

It’s the experience itself that is the teaching. Why? Because once we experience the full vitality of our nature as the divine current that flows through everything, we cannot un-know it. It is our only truth, flowing out of grace, remembered and celebrated… Not just one time, but as a forever returning wave that rejoices in its new found freedom to ebb and flow unrestricted as a breathing interactive part of the whole fabric of all the forces of nature at play. And suddenly within this divine flash of flesh and spirit, we join it all as creator gods within the infinite and the eternal.


Wow, Gayle so beautifully expressed and well articulated. This brought tears to my eyes because I remember in Nov 2011 upon hearing David speak my search was finally over as well. I had finally found Mother and she knew me inside and out and was here to nourish every cell and particle of my being. I am in ecstatic joy for you and to have sat beside you on Saturday to see and feel this flowering of your being. You are truly beautiful my friend. Namaste!!!! No wonder Lyrica has you as a Mom. She is fortunate!!!


Gayle, thank you for sharing your experience of spontaneous recognition of David's ecstatic offering with us. It is so beautifully written and reveals your huge heart. I enjoyed all you shared at the retreat and intensive; being in "real time" with you as your being responded to David's presence. Also, by being in attendance at the public events with you and your daughter I was touched by the precious display of your devotion to her and life itself. Namaste

By Kamala Devi