Labor Day

David, in love with you, I am
As outpourings of you
Lighten up and set free
Outpourings in me…

Ah, to feast no more
Upon the endless crumbs
Of Karmic french fries
A never-ending, perpetual “Lasting Supper”
Bite after sterile bite
Chewed up and swallowed
To what end?
A bitter belly…

One that lusts to know
The hearty flavor
Of its own sweetness
It is its deepest longing
Its forever yearning
For that one provocative taste
Into the sweetness river flow
To forever end
That masticating process of me
Trying to re-create me.

Labor no more
On this Labor Day.

Now, set free, I am,
To simply melt into the stream of The Mother
Given and received in your loving Presence,
My dear friend David…
Ah, to be enveloped in the swoon of it all
Filling up and becoming its deliciousness.

Something so new, so fresh
So revolutionary, so powerful
I want nothing more, and nothing else will do
The Darshan of you
Is the Self in me
Whelling up, drinking deeply
The Milk of the Mother
The only food that can nourish my soul
To explode into own sweetness of divine rapture.


Wow Gayle, you write amazing poetry!!!!!