Dreaming about David

Last night's transmission took me to another plane of consciousness. It was full of bright light and I was just a mere speckle in the midst of it. The sensation of the body was replaced by the feeling of absolute love. I lost the sense of time as I was bathing in this field of loving light, amazed by its potency. When I heard my roommate's keys in the front door, I was suddenly knocked back into the body consciousness, yet the blissful feeling of David's transmission remained. Well, that's it for now, I thought and went to bed shortly afterwards. As the mind was slowly beginning to drift away, I started to feel the Shakti again.
Then He came. David's form, as beautiful as ever, greeted me with a warm embrace of loving affection. 'What do you want to see?', He asked. 'I want to see the world', I replied. So we took off flying to all my favorive nature spots and other amazing locations glimmering with unimaginable beauty. I was thrilled to have David by my side answering my numerous questions as we effortlessly swam across the midnight sky. Then He finally asked me, 'What do you want to feel?' I looked into His kind mesmerizing eyes. 'I need love. I want to feel all the love You can give me.' With a motherly-like gentleness, He took my hand and spoke ever so softly, 'It's all already in you. Haven't you noticed?' I woke up. The tears came slowly running down my cheeks onto the pillow. David is right, I thought. I do have all His love. Ever have, ever will. I just need to learn to let it flow freely.
I am so grateful, for David has found me when I was feeling all alone in this world, closing the door on love. But I'm not alone anymore. There are many more like me here, yearning to be loved and give love in return.
Dear David's Friends, I love You all.


Thank you.

By paul

Absolutely lovely post. I feel you here, and completely relate.

By michael ortega

Such fullness of heart. A precious insight into the Beauty of David's Divine Love. Thank you for this amazing posting.

By Abha --