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no distance


Thank you David we are indeed connected you've saved me once again I love you, indeed you are everywhere :)

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Light House


Thank you David for the light house you are. The boat that I am seems to drift at times from this lighthouse you are but at least by wednesdays you always bring back helping me too continue to flow with the storms of life and all the dark waves entailed in these storms, but you my friend are special lighthouse indeed that no distance can prevent your light from shining to those that love you, i hope to bring this ship closer to the shores of you and the absolute in this no space place. Thank you for bringing this boat home time and time again. Jai My Friend :)

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Wow I've been struggling so much for sometime now as gracefully as possible meditating continuously and it seems something has tremendously lifted since this mornings webcast so much weight has been removed (quantum) thank you so much David :)

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suffering to illumination


I have been in a cycle for sometime now of deep fear etc. within the last few days God only knows when, it dropped and it seems as though a awakening has occurred.

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Presence in my Life


Thank you David for your personal relationship, indeed you are with me when i draw near too you and a great comfort in moments of distress, I love You.

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Its Been couple days since the retreat here in sedona so i believe I'm purdy well integrated enough to say that , I'm here nowhere a blissful self , thats it :) Happy <3 .. David presence was so healing for me the darkness that has daunted my navel area emotional center for eternity is much lighter.. Thank you David and Orley and everyone that made the retreat what it was.. Namaste

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Stumbled upon a Gem


I reluctantly decided to attend Davids event last friday in Sedona, i was amazed at the purity and preciousness of what i experienced and what I'm still experiencing .I also attended his webinar tonight , I'm so grateful to have discovered David. Tonight was nothing less than immaculate. David came into my life at a perfect time i was stumbling along for a while and his work has given me wings. Much love, Namaste. Rob Sedona, Az 7/29/15

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