A jewel of an opportunity.

I first "sat" with David five years ago and my inner self immediately felt an affinitity with him. David IS unique in that he has NO lineage and essentially offers no techniques for effective inner exploration. The essence of David's message/teaching in my humble opinion, is so simple and uncomplicated. It seems to me his message is simply.."be with me," just sit with me with an open heart and let me infuse you with the divine spark of shakti that is transmitting itself through me. He openly asserts he is an "Avatar," with a specific mission. I'm amazed that after several years giving darshan in California..his ministry or following is so small. I think that perhaps the reason for this is he dosen't "live up to," what I suspect is most aspirants preconceived idea of what a "Guru" is. Most so called spirital "'masters" have lots of "bells and whistles" --if you will that surround them, an inner circle, lots of "hocus pocus," etc. etec.. NOT so with this teacher..he simply says...come to me with an open heart and let me guide you to a non dual conciousness. Again the message is profoundly simply..be who you are, and come to me and just open yourself to me." A rare opportunity so far taken up by only a small "handful" of souls. I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to "sit with him."


I think you are right. This directness and simplicity is precisely what attracts me to David. However my younger and less experienced self would have probably passed David by for someone who offers more "bells and whistles". Luckily I can see through those things now.


By Meridian