Eddie story

i first saw David at a public forum in a metaphysical bookstore in Mountain View, Ca in 2005. I immediately felt a connection with him and followed his public speaking and intensive schedule for another year while still in the bay area. Since moving north to the Humboldt county I have enjoyed his darshan during the webcasts. I'm am so grateful to be in his presence. He is the real deal as far as I can tell. Feel so blessed to have become aware of him. His message is clear and unclutterd..and the essence of it seems to me to be..simply be with HIM with an open heart and let rest happen as it will. I accept him not only as a fully awakened human being but also an Avatar. He is here to help and wants nothing more of us other than our own awakening.


It is so remarkable to be with a teacher and have him have no need. I have been with many teachers, and their human needs are there along with their transmission, making our relationship conditional. I do not know if David has needs, but they do not seem like human needs. Although I think, unless I was projecting last Friday, I have seen him look lonely. I am also most blessed to have met him. I am really having difficulty thinking of anything else. I am in tears every day since I have met him. I hope you can make it down to the sittings here in the Bay area. I look forward to meeting you! Vivian

By Vivian Andrews --