Ryan's Recent Post

Hi Everyone,

As I read Ryan's recent post, I realized he actually wrote a poem.

So, I thought I'd re-post it as such.

Namaste, David

Blow baby blow.
I love u wind as you push me around the interestate.
Thanks for being gentle as to not blow me over.
Thank you for being strong as to fill me up with your love.

I have no words as to describe the oneness I share wih you.
Sometimes I see you as me. I'm a cloud and singing back at me.
Then I'm me listening to the cloud sing to me.
I enjoy both like its a game.
Playing with separation.
And playing with oneness.
I love them both very much.

It feels so good to feel myself grow outward into a stronger ecstasy.
Thank you sky! I love you as you are me!

As I drive I love holding my space from my heart.
Expanding outward from my heart growing into a stronger bliss.
My heart is my center, and I love how it helps me to expand!

As I meditate I love holding my space with my hands.
Filling me up with intoxication, ballooning me out so I may feel more good.

On wednesdays I love asking to be part of Davids meditation. so I may connect with him and fill up with the divine. I love it!

I love you throat.
Giving me back memorys that were once forgotten.
Sending them down to my heart where they may explode.
Opening me up from my center like a balloon.
Turning pain to pleasure. Growing in ecstasy.
Thank you!

I love you stomach. Holding my space with your strength. Helping to make it all happen. Good job!

Thank you feet.
Firmly grounding me while I grow.
Keeping me from flying out of my body during the process.
You know I enjoy some pain so don't be too nice to me.
Just pound the garbage out.
I love you!


Mind blowing...
Heart warming...
Body informing...

I walk with you into Wednesday nights...

By Amina

Very beautiful - one to read over and over :)

By Helen

Thank you David and Ryan. Initially when I read Ryan's post, I had a hard time following the sentences. But I loved the content. It is fresh innocent and honest. It also has a childlike wonderment regarding this process. By seeing it as a poem it magnified the meaning tenfold. So beautiful and original. I love the collaborative effect. Self collaborating with Self about Self. I am so grateful for this heart connection. Namaste.


Thank you David I had no idea I had written a poem! I love you David and everyone here! Thanks you all for the comments!

By ryan

As a lover of poetry and as a poet, you could see the poetry in Ryan's post and shared that with us. Ryan, I just love how this job you have gives you this perfect opportunity, this quiet time out there by yourself on the road to express yourself this way and commune with Mother nature. She is teaching you to love her!

By jasalerno

Yes, I feel very lucky seeing so much of mother nature and the solitude the job provides. She is a great teacher!

By ryan