Response to Judy by David

Judy (from Fairfield, Iowa) asked me the following question. Please note that this is a paraphrase of her original question: "Is it necessary to witness 24 hours a day before enlightenment could be said to be complete?" (Witnessing means that Pure Awareness, the Self, or the Absolute has woken up completely in an individual's life.)

Here is a copy of the response I sent to her. It should be noted that I have made some very minor changes to the text for the sake of clarity. Thus, it is slightly different from my original response.


David Spero: First, I want to pose some questions: What does the word "permanent" mean? If it is stated that witnessing must become "permanent" for Self-realization to exist, then there is an obvious assumption that the word permanent has been understood to mean something. What exactly is this meaning?

Secondly, is it possible for Awareness to become aware of itself? Can Awareness become aware of itself, say, in the way perception can become aware of an object? For e.g., I can say I see a rock permanently only in the following way: I sit in front of the rock and look at it. My perception of it is permanent as long as I sit and look at it. But, then I must ask: in what sense can we say that perception of the Self - as Infinite Awareness - can become permanent? In other words: can Human Identity or the Nature of the "I" as Awareness itself look into or at itself, all the time?

Think of your Identity as your name for the moment. You are Judy. You are obviously Judy all the time. We can agree on that. You are not someone else some of the time and Judy the rest of the time. Yet - do you always hold as an object to your mind or your experience the memory, conclusion, or feeling that you are Judy? Does being Judy mean remembering, every second, that you are Judy? Similarly, does being the Self, which is Awareness itself, mean that every second you know, remember, or see it?

At this point, we can thus contemplate the following consideration: what can this word "permanent" possibly mean when we are talkng in absolute terms? That is, when we are talking about something that is nonchanging? How can we know such a thing "permanently"?