One can’t be “in” sahaja samadhi.

To be precise though..., one can’t be “in” sahaja samadhi.

Being “in” anything, including being in the Absolute, would be, from a descriptive point of view, against the very notion of what happens “in” sahaja samadhi.

Sahaja samadhi does not represent still another spiritual point of view or a subjective relationship with Consciousness. It is not a “state of consciousness,” like Cosmic Consciousness, God Consciousness, or Unity Consciousness. Unity Consciousness would be closest to it, if I were forced to choose.

One way to understand it is that the body, the mere body, has become God, known in and as the Ultimate.

Also, remember that even two sahaja samadhis will not be identical in terms of description or perhaps in terms of “experience” as well.

Further, an individual will tailor his or her own description (of sahaja samadhi) with a language that actually pollutes the essence of that “realization.” Even my description will do this. I am not exempt from this verbal distortion, even though to me what I say feels identical to That in any given moment.

For me, sahaja samadhi is a relaxed and unconditional absorption in God, identity with God, in which the bodymind and its tendencies are constantly radiating or communicating what is transcendentally prior to the body-mind. But it’s something indicated on the surface of the skin, so to speak. The body becomes Brahman. God becomes ongoing experience itself, you could say.


Here, Now, sufficient and ready .. Thy will be done

By Stephen

I expressed my question regarding the Mother on the webcast. The response was experienced as very novel .. I mean it operated so insight was established in a new way - especially as regards to the Sat in operating through Chit for an abiding level or expanded Ananda - these words are so limited for this actuality, but they are offered in great appreciation

By Stephen

Brahma, not drama! Rock on, dude!

By Jilly G --

Jilly Gwin