The Love-Bliss of Devotion (text transcribed from video)

Devotion, like the power of Shakti, like the poignancy of Silence - of Silent Being - has a raw and powerful quality about it.

When the restrictions around the Heart melt and the Feeling-Nature is resurrected inside of that Transcendental Being there’s a powerful vulnerability that communicates itself in Love, in an electrifying kind of Love. You can call it Love-Bliss. Again, it’s the raw power of Devotion unhinged from the conventional mind, swinging open its door of intensity.

That Love is the nature of Being. It’s the nature of your being, of your mind. It’s not just some emotion shut up in some feeling-based corridor of the mind. The Devotion I am talking about is the nakedness of Existence itself, the feeling of nakedness inside of a human body-mind that comes about in realization.

It comes about during realization, before realization and after realization as well. Before realization, that nakedness of devotion shows up as curiosity. When you are first engaging yourself in inquiry and discovering the spiritual path — which is your road to Truth — that manifests as curiosity, the hunger to understand, the desire to know oneself. That’s devotion! That is a manifestation of the Devotional Impulse already active in you, latently active, now coming forth into consciousness.

When you begin to Realize, when you find the path, then Devotion takes on still another significance, which is the felt feeling of release from bondage. That opening, the breath of fresh air that you breathe, the new life that you begin to embrace, is another powerful expression of Devotion and Devotional Consciousness.

After realization, Devotion is endless. Devotion is infinite because the Heart has come completely unlocked and what is there begins to shine out.

The Love that is the nature of Existence Itself, that is Being Itself, becomes magnified in a human awareness. The human awareness does not filter it down, does not dilute the Devotion after Realization; it allows it to be amplified.

The human body-mind is an amplification mechanism whereby Realization is then shared among people, among devotees, liberated or un-liberated - it doesn’t matter.


I love this!!!!! Thanks for writing it here. I enjoy the videos but for me when I read something I can get it easier. Plus I can reread it where I want. Lol. That's harder to do in a video. Sincerely appreciated! Again thanks!!

Ps. It explains everything in a sense to me.

By ryan

Thank you for clarifying this thread of devotion throughout our process. I was only seeing devotion as coming after realization.....this helped me see its many facets. To be honest, this devotion seems to change. It is certainly organic and alive. Sometimes I feel deep devotion to you as a human being and this enormous current that has been unleashed. Other times my heart is blown away by the great Mother and how you nourish me like no other. Other times the devotion is simply for this endless sea of bliss we are all swimming in and all its reflections in and through me.. In many ways I feel like I am just a novice in devotion. So much of this feeling is hard to put words on...words can be limiting. I have had several mornings...in the wee hours of the morning....when I wake and I am filled with this crazy devotion. A huge mix of joy, gratitude and exploding light and bliss for no reason. This happens sometimes in nature as well when I am hiking. I feel like my heart is in constant devotion but is expanding in it deeper and then I have periodic explosions.....I think this is what I am trying to say.


Thank you so much David for sharing with us, your heart friends, your love, your realization, your devotion and vulnerability in the spontaneous way that you do on your webcasts and videos.

By jasalerno

Thank you so so much for holding open this door David, I don't know where it will lead me but it feels so complete and radiantly manifest in this gathering. Your meetings and recordings constantly burn with this love-reality. I yearn to express this feeling in relationship even though it's so complete already. Yet it is also endlessly satisfying just to be in this electifying aliveness and your heart fire is a balancing beacon to me...truly the divine mother shines around here.

By David N

Wow David...how beautifully spoken


This was certainly great and very helpful for my future purpose. I look forward to read more like this

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