Trust is expanding and taking over

This is an email I sent David two days ago. I am feeling now that it might inspire someone here to go deeper into the mystery, so, after some hesitation, I decided to post it here.


Dear David,

Last night, while in my sleep, something felt different and I woke up in shock and terror, finding that conventional reality was breaking up and extreme high states of consciousness were rapidly washing over my mind like before. I got so scared, in panicking terror, afraid to go definitely mad this time, so attached to and influenced by my recent past terrifying experiences...
But suddenly you appeared in my mind and kept saying "I am here and I am your Self. Remember That. Feel That. Do not be afraid. Relax completely into your Self. Forget about everything else." It was as if I was in the middle of a desert wind storm and the earth was also shaking, chaos and uncontrolable restlessness everywhere inside me, all the content of my mind mixed up in one unconfortable explosive sensation.. but your Voice, your Presence tamed everything down in a few moments, gradually and softly. My heart was felt then. The Heart. You. My Self.
As I write these words, I feel like I am not afraid anymore. I trust that Life, the Heart, is presenting me with just the right process. That's all i need to know. The past will not need to repeat itself again, I will be all right, because now I am respecting my body properly, giving it rest, water and food and not completely ignoring it like I did in the recent past because of being so obssessed by the inebreating feeling of being immersed in such orgasmic bliss and caleidoscopic fascinating revelations...And all I need to do now is to keep relaxing inside my heart, where You, my Self reside, and focus on You only, and allow for this Energy to dance in whatever way it wants to dance to show me what I truly am. I feel ready now, to let this journey through consciousness to come to its complete fruition.
Thank you so much, David, for coming into my life in the time that I needed you the most. Thank you for being and shinning Freedom Love and Beauty in this world. I love you with all my heart.


Your post fills my heart with joy.

By ocean

Such a heartfelt revelation of your beautiful spirit and a true testament to David's steadfast Guardianship over each of His devotees.

By Abha --


Namaste Sis!

Thank you so much for posting this. Read it at just the right time. Love you!!!!! :)

By Antoinette

Thank you so much for posting a most intimate glimpse into the relationship between Avatar and devotee. It is a reminder of just close David is to us, not only in the transcendental realms but in this manifest world where Love is expressed between I and Thou. I appreciate your generosity! Love, Vivian

By Vivian Andrews --