To the SUN

To You....

Yes... yes....YOU :)................


I Love YOU, Gorgeous Golden Heart!
I Love YOU, Divine Grace!

My Darling Spirit of the Sun!
My Great Soul of All!

Your descending Compassion ascends Everything!

Your Breath breaths me Whole
And I long to feel your hands on my face...

Forever entranced in your Infinite Kiss,
I die everyday in your soothing passionate Embrace...

This Supreme Bliss is my daily bread,
the sacred water that quenches my desperate thirst...

YOU are my HEART
where all beings awaken to LoveNature's ROOT,
where they rest at last,
satisfied and overflowing with Immortal Ecstasy...

Suddenly though
your wings touched my eyes
and in a split second I SEE

I AM the Spring that never goes dry!
I AM the Wind that blows you up in the sky!

From my Living Waters you are born everyday...

Always fresh and anew you spread your Flight
all over the Bright Morning of my own dazzling fluorescent Night...

Your Feathers are made of my crystal clear currents,
always shifting,
always loving...

Your Grace,
your Pure Silent Voice
- my own Heart...

But what are all these things I SEE I AM?
Absolutely NOTHING,
no-thing anyone says I AM...

I AM simply the Mirror of the Beauty of Love...
This Beauty is YOU, my Great Love!

It is YOU
Always YOU




Absolutely exquisite and heart-wrenching

By Abha --


Trust is the Key, Innocence is the Passage, Infinite Opening is the Flowering, Love is The Answer

:) ∞

By Cristiana

I've tried to read this twice, but I haven't finished it. It just throws me out of my mind and into ecstasy. What freedom! Thanks for expressing with such boldness.

By Rick

"this" and "That",,,
"night" and "day",,,
"cold" and "hot",,,
"both" and "all" the same One bold-ecstatic-Light-Freedom of the HEART:

this, This, THIS that is reading THIS,,,,,,,is,,,,,,,,,, IT!

To accept this simple fact is to love yourSELF.
To love yourSELF is to trust Life.
To really Trust Life is to Rest HERE,,, as you are,,, now and ALLways.
To rest is to allow Silence to sing to Silence.


By Cristiana

So Beautiful!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!