Accepting the Simple Truth

Namaste from Portugal :)!
A month or two ago I came across David in youtube. Watching one video after another my heart immediately felt this was not just another piece of a puzzle that my mind has been collecting to desperately try to unravel this great mystery that sustains all life. Immediately I felt that David was myself, my very own Self, inviting my mind to let go of all burdens, to let myself float, unhindered, with no maps, nothing more to collect...
The contact was made, a couple of emails exchanged but somehow my intellect was resisting to come closer, to attend the online live meditations that my heart was so eager to experience. My mind was just so very exhausted of so much intense spiritual search and overwhelming life changing experiences and all kinds of phenomena ever since my late teens and especially more recently... all of me just could not handle this overwhelming burning desire for the Absolute anymore... I was just afraid to fall into more mind traps of my own making... But the Heart brought me here and the blazing Fire keeps conducting me in ways that I can not comprehend...
This wednesday was my third participation in the live webcasts, these amazingly generous offerings of David's. I am so very blessed to be here, in the sweet company of each One of you, engulfed in the glorious radiance of David's liberating Love.

Natural and spontaneous meditation is occurring, David's Presence as my Self guiding me through all the time, His/Her/Its Voice encouraging me to not fear Silence, the Silence that sings a Song never heard before...

Today I was meditating with this little girl, feeling David meditating us both, and something so simple but so incredibly beautiful happened, it just hit me: there really is nothing to do or understand or achieve - and That is the real simple truth! Feeling this little girl right across me being so open and so present in such innocence inside my heart, just TRUSTING, really shook me up with such tenderness...

Thank you, David. Truth is Love...and Love is the innocent heart flying free... not "knowing" but LOVING EVERYTHING!



All the world's questions answered in your most beautiful heartfelt comments !

By mark.jack --

Mark Jack

Such an eloquent expression of a pure heart.

By Abha --


I am very fortunate to have your company in this mysterious Dance that dances us all...
and it is such a joy to read your inspiring posts on your own experiences! Thank you

By Cristiana

It is fascinating how David collects spiritual seekers all over the globe (specially from cool places :)), and saturates them with Love and Bliss, transforming their whole being.

By ocean