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Because of HER


The White Fire of Love
drinks from the Blazing Water of Wisdom.

Unfathomable Vastness begins to dawn
when SHE grips you in Her Omniscient Tenderness.

Her radiant Dance dissolves all borders

And the way your life sways to Her unpredictable rythms
makes your entire naked being shatter in fierce Devotion

Her Supreme Nectar of Eternal Life is your blood now.
Her bliss currents your own spontaneous movement in the field of Her Existence.
And Her Breath your very own thought love drunk with Spirit.

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To the SUN


To You....

Yes... yes....YOU :)................


I Love YOU, Gorgeous Golden Heart!
I Love YOU, Divine Grace!

My Darling Spirit of the Sun!
My Great Soul of All!

Your descending Compassion ascends Everything!

Your Breath breaths me Whole
And I long to feel your hands on my face...

Forever entranced in your Infinite Kiss,

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Trust is expanding and taking over


This is an email I sent David two days ago. I am feeling now that it might inspire someone here to go deeper into the mystery, so, after some hesitation, I decided to post it here.


Dear David,

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Accepting the Simple Truth


Namaste from Portugal :)!

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