What the guru taught me

When u think about it
The self is most rejected -
Truth, beauty...
And human beings (the mind) can be unbearably repugnant!
And reject "itself" and define" itself "and separate" itself" from itself in that process even more, making the situation, worse, much worse.
Most minds don't want the self-more ugliness.
Despite the use of thinking to define the self, to separate,to justify action, to further separate-
To declare reality( and how could that ever be done)
The self, the shining one, instructs the mind, that this is not the self. the energy of thought does not make reality. yet it is energetically a part of the self . nothing can be apart !
So that there can't be any evil
Yet there is evil yet it's not evil !
Evil is not evil.
I love
I love the shining one
The most beautiful
The movement of Grace
In my mind, without my mind, blowing away my mind.