Welcome to your...


I have been reading with interest the experiences of the friends. I thought I would add "my" perspective and understanding for those that might have an interest. I identify with much that has written, many of the experiences that people have had.

I have had many experiences too, violently extreme and beautiful spasms of Bliss and energy, but at some point there was a revolution of understanding. At a certain point it all turned inside out, and I realized something.

"I" was not a human having a wonderful experience of Bliss. "I" rather WAS Bliss having a Human experience.

Today,If someone were to ask my opinion as to what is tapas, I would answer "You are". If someone were to ask, what is Love? I would say, You are! If they asked what is the energy of Being (Shakti ) I would say "You are"

If they asked "what is Enlightenment?", I would say..."You are"...

This is of course my OPINION and it is what my understanding has evolved to (so far) over the years of my association with David.

About 5 years ago, I was chatting with David about this or that experience. After a bit of my prattling on, he interrupted and said "It's YOU...you SEE that don't you? (I didn't). I just looked at him quizzically not understanding at ALL. After a moment he just shrugged his shoulders, and we returned to casual conversation and I didn't think anything of it, for a few more YEARS!

I like to think I comprehend now.

From my perspective these days, all of the wonderful experiences that people observe are their "own" (so to speak) radiance. The radiance of SELF...

These days, my view of the David process is that He creates a bubble or space where you can SEE it! At Last!!!!

It's YOU...you SEE that don't you?