The Fullness of Life

I had the most powerful and magical 4 days of my life at this final retreat in Sedona. Deep Deep....so deep, full rich meditations. Tantric visitations at night of divine Mother caressing herself in ecstasy through my body. Who could have ever thought this possible. I had read stories in the past of such experiences but never dreamed they would be happening to me. Even though experiences come and go and clearly are not to be clung onto......they leave a beautiful fragrance of divine light and love infused into my being. The highlight for me was on the last day in meditation I had a vision...like a movie. David brought to me my earthly mother who had passed several years ago. She and I were often at odds with one another due to my refusal to limit myself to Christianity and religion. He had her by the arm. She was in her full radiance. David's face glowing with light. He brought her to me and I heard her say, "I am so happy for you that you have found this radiance". It seemed all was healed between us at that moment. I cried....and am still crying for this gift of love and healing. Also, when the retreat was over we hung out until the end. I had wanted to say goodbye to David but was not able to because he was with others. So I walked to my car a little bummed. But just as I was placing my items in the car getting ready to go, I turned my head and there he was inside of a car. His face was glowing and his eyes were like giant blue oceans of light and love. He was smiling at me waving goodbye. Full and complete. That is what this teaching is about. It does not get any better than this. And even though I usually end up having some deep residual emotions come to the surface after these intensives, I know I am being fully supported and meticulously guided into full radiance. He truly cares about each one of us and our happiness. Jai David!!!!! We are so blessed to have this grace filled teaching. Namaste!


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I love reading of your experiences, especially since I wasn't there. Thank you so much for sharing.

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I have always loved the adventure of travel — the unknown, something different, something new. And I feel the same way today… even though now the ‘next bend’ may be on another continent. Each travel is a new adventure, new story and new memory… Because of them, not a single travel can compare to each other, even if we visit the same destination over and over.

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