Egg Dream

Last night I had a dream with David in it. We were in a meditation room and he was giving a talk. I was in the back of the room lying on a bed with my eyes shut, cocooned in a white blanket and speaking another language. It appeared I was in some sort of altered state. Then the dream switched to the meditation being over and I saw David speaking with another person. I walked by and handed him a brown egg. He took the egg, put his finger on the top of it and handed it back to me. Then I woke up. Later that morning I shared this dream with a friend and she said that there is an ancient practice where shaman's use eggs to heal and cleanse people. I looked it up and she was right.
Then tonight after the online webcast my body was trembling with shakti. Even my lips were vibrating. It felt like the shakti was pouring through my skin. I decided to lay down on my bed and allow the shakti to have its way with me. It felt like a powerful release. I think maybe it was related to the dream. In any event I thank David for this release and the dream. Both made my heart expand in love, devotion and the wonderment of life.