Two for the Road

Two things that David has mentioned in recent satsangs have been of ongoing use as potent dhyanams, or focal points of meditation for me. The first is:

"A yogi's mind should be like a steady candle flame in a quiet room."

As soon as David said that, I envisioned seeing, feeling and becoming that still flame and superimposed its quiescence over the detritus of my mental chit chat--which jabbers like a circus barker, sorry to say, even in the presence of a Master.
Indeed, sometimes I feel the shakti, but without my mind slowing down to even take a breather. This is akin to unencumbered bliss in the Times Square of the mind.

When contemplating the flame, my breathing slowed. This gave it some well deserved rest. Like a primordial mandala, contemplating the mind as a still flame, a point of light, is an amazingly effective way to draw the senses back inward toward illumination and stillness...and of course, it is true that the art of trataka, or candle flame gazing, is an ancient and well known yogic technique for stilling the mind, and giving it something useful to do.

Thank you David for this means of putting a mute button on the peanut gallery with this timeless light filled contemplation.

Perhaps much more dramatically revealing in my evolving understanding was a statement David made at a subsequent satsang:

"I'm teaching you from the inside out, not from the outside".

These words and the feeling expressed collapsed into a moment of Recognition. The feeling, the shakti, when in satsang with a Master always emanates from within the Heart. Its not seeping in through your skin, just radiating from without...it is more like an inner correspondence of Love (Being Consciousness Bliss) recognizing its full blossoming in the Master and chirping and singing from the "cage" of the human heart. An a-spatial a-temporal a-transference of inner wisdom. The cage bursts and evaporates---was it ever really there? This Recognition continues to expand and impress itself further into an integration. The recognition comes and goes, but statements like this one which David made helps to cut through seemingly endless cycles of contraction and avoidance.

And it helps to make sense of certain tantric practices wherein one visualizes their Ishta Devata (chosen deity) or one's Guru seated in the cave of the heart---because that is where they already are!

Humble pranams to David for sparking light in the mind and in our Heart that we may surrender to the Beloved with juicy gusto--and true gnosis.


Guru awakens Being. No effort is required on the devotee’s part. It is like setting a tuning fork that is vibrating at a higher frequency and it calls forth the corresponding awakening of Being.

The quotes below are from David's DVD, 'The Power of Diksha'. This is my favorite DVD and it is powerful and I feel like I could just watch the two talks over and over again and get almost everything I need to have the right view and receive Diksha. When I watch them, I feel this awakening of Being, it is quickened, set aflame and a flowering happens from Inside- Out. It is then that the Self is known to itself. Also, everything David says in these two Talks, "Esoteric Secrets of Enlightenment," and 'The Power of Diksha", explain how to follow through and stay with the right view and how to do or die on the path to Awakening. Diksha demonstrates experientially why Awakening is called Awakening.

“The major event in a human birth is the awakening of the Self to itself. A tremendous Bliss overtakes a human life when that connection has been found.
A Spiritual Master as a human being, is Being disguised in a walking, talking, living body-mind. The Teacher is actually, if Awakened, totally transparent to that native Radiance and offers it, awakens it just as if it was found in the Self alone. So the Teacher is the Self, and nothing but the Self”
“The atmosphere of awakening, in a group like this, it’s power is discovered in the cocoon of radiance that is generated. That cocoon allows each person to breathe in the fullness of Reality, to awaken to it naturally, without any effort whatsoever. Being will Awaken in the inside and this Radiance will be afforded on the outside, until there’s that special moment when there is no inside and outside. That precious Transcendental moment that is not in time.”

By michael ortega