Speaking of Truth

Last night's satsang with David was marvelous; always one is immediately marinated in Luminescent Presence, and then drawn inward to consider: "Whenceforth ariseth this blissful nectar-fire?"

--Which regularly manifests with ease in his presence when one is sufficiently open to attune to it, or even when one is downright obstinate, but at heart yearning to grow.

One can read many scriptures which will point to the Self as the origination of this brilliant effulgence. For this reason, I was compelled to dialogue with David about the transmutative quality of sitting with him, of his ability to quicken what is already present in each of us as Self-emanating and radiantly effulgent as the very Axis Mundi (the center of the world/entirety of creation). And all of this is very grandiose to say, and yet the scriptures would insist that this is the case, that we are obscured by countless karmic accretions, but are the very essence of the centrality (bindu) of non-dual Divine Presence.

It becomes ridiculous for a novice such as myself to say that this is or is not true, it is an Experience, above all to sit close to David in this Light and then witness the spontaneous manifestations, or Display of the movement of light as consciousness (it oozes and moves sinuously like a serpent, interpenetrating the tissues of my brain in a most astonishingly subtle, yet palpable fashion). And yet, that is all that it is, is a display, or a quickening of a potential of something that might be infinitely deeper, but which has yet to be fully established. The Shakti has its own rigours (tapas/heat) and equal gentleness and compassionate restraint. However, that I feel the manifestation of Bliss Consciousness in my heart space cannot be denied. I can vouch for that! If you sit with David, your Heart will blossom, and you will know Love, inner fullness, and inner radiance, which would hold promise to validate the idea that there is a holographic nature to reality and Divinity, that there is a Self.

That being said, it is imperative for me to not fall prey to speaking "beyond my means" and to use what I have heard or read as a crutch to explain various phenomena into existence before I have tasted the essence of that Truth for myself. David also addressed this issue by mentioning that indeed, most of what has ever been written about enlightenment has arisen from language, which is inherently culture-bound, and therefore will always miss the mark somewhat.

I hear disciples from many quarters speaking in superlatives about their experiences and claiming that it is this true gnosis, and I am never sure whether they actually had that experience, or whether they are using that cultural language to conjure up a phantom of being closer to enlightenment. I know I have done this myself many times mistaking the training wheels of what I've read as experience, and I am trying to stay true to what is actually happening in this beginners body-mind without waxing rhapsodic.

So I will repeat only that of which I am certain, that I can vouch for the reality of the oneness of the Heart, and that this is somehow the centrality of our inter-Being. I can also vouch for there being a beneficial effect to feeling this heart energy radiance, and that it helps us to stay present to Truth when we might forget it in our day to day living.

May the path unfold with magnificent power, intelligence and Love in all our lives for the benefit of all!

Pranams to David and to the Light of the Heart!


"Marry yourself to the declaration that "I am THAT, I am the absolute, there is nothing higher than my own self". Once you ADOPT that, then these experiences tend to find their way to stabilization." David Spero

The mind can be a wall or a doorway. If a person has a mind anyhow, why not adopt those understandings that open the door?

Another quote I love from Papaji..

"fundamental obstacle to realization is precisely the notion that this realization is still awaited".

Beginner or no beginner makes little difference, if you're ready you're ready, and you sound reaaally ready!

Just some thoughts!


By Blufire

Thanks Steve, you are one of those portals to Understanding! : )

By beatchk