April 13, 2010 Satsang: The Sun Blazing at Night

Tonight David was Lord Surya -- it would simply be incorrect for me to call him anything else. The light became absolutely blinding, alternately star-like white hot, then going photo-negative, just radiating through my body. It also had a dissolving effect, lightening my being and thought forms. My third eye was buzzing and it felt like it was being bored into it. Layers of care and concern were being dissolved by the radiation emanated from David’s form. I feel 50 pounds lighter now! So much worry is just gone!

Perhaps even more amazing than the phenomena and shakti radiance was the alteration of my mental state. The thoughts arising from my mind, often mired in judgment and condemnation, were now happy and full of compassion -- how liberating!

How just a couple hours earlier I could have been seriously considering skipping the satsang in order to do my taxes is just mind-blowing! So I might lose some sleep tonight – so what? Who can think of sleep when you've got the sun sitting not 10 feet in front of you! How blessed are we to have this, and maybe only a dozen people in the room!!! Could there be a world more upside-down in its values than ours? How unbelievably ridiculous! Screw the IRS! They’ll get my money eventually. Enlightenment first, dammit!

Jai David!!! :-)


It's you!

By Blufire