The case for having just One Teacher

5/25/13 My feeling is that because the Transformations possible in relationship with You, David, are so deep and profound and because it requires a deep trust in You and dedication, other spiritual relationships could be distracting and possibly disruptive.


For many reasons i also feel David is the way to go for me.

By ryan

Yes yes. In marriage there is only one beloved! I love your new Pic. Lots of shakti in it!!!


Some personal experience could shed light on this question. David has in effect said that his offering is conducive (a hardly adequate word) for people who are following various relationships to the Mother (or Father or Friend, or Lover). Likewise, I think, if the aspirant has a temperament suited more for philosophical inquiry, direct action or psychic control. Yes one need dig in one spot to reach water rather than changing where one digs - but I experience David as a grace for anyone as a manifestation of the Absolute. It is also true that teachers with a special dispensation are capable of providing his or her student a mantra, a seed sound vibration that becomes more and more a spiritual vehicle for each moment of Life - in that there is an eternal link to one teacher. But that one teacher emphasized again and again it is Satchitananda (existence/consciousness/bliss, One without a second) that is ultimately the guru. At the same time that teacher and many other realized beings relate sadhanas involving multiple personages in teaching roles. Anyway, I had one special teacher, others who have had considerable influence and now Satchitananda places me at the feet of the Mother manifest in David Spero - so go figure, ha ha. Your question is very important, thank you.

By Stephen