At any time Bliss can appear.

9/13/10 Having been to every event of David's for the past year, I realize I've gotten "spoiled" with the constant emanation of Grace, Love, Light and Shakti. However this morning I was again overwhelmed while at work. I was typing a work document and started to smell roses. When I looked around to see where that scent may be coming from I started to feel tremendous shakti, overtaking my body to the extent that my arms felt heavy under the weight of the magnificent transmission. Accompanying this was a great feeling of being Loved and Cherished. I had to continue to focus on my work and go to meetings while this Sweet Wave of Bliss stayed with me. Even now, hours later, the heat from that fire is still smoldering.

Jai Shri David...


I have not been able to go as much lately ( as you know) and yet, this same expansive Love, periodic Divine fragrances, and overwhelming Benedictions continue to grow in strength and profundity, over time. Everything David has promised, everything He has indicated can happen comes to manifest. The Divine Transcendental stands behind it all, ushering us into Light.

Thank you for sharing.



By michael ortega

I am smiling ear to ear reading your post, Abha - my wonderful and dear friend.. :D

By Gabriela

Jai Shri David!!!

Abha, thank you so much for your love. I really would like to be your spiritual friend. How can we get together? I feel like I need someone to sit in this love with. Vivian

By Vivian Andrews --