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Intensive Weekend in Sedona January 2017


Sedona is the perfect backdrop for the new trajectory of David's teaching. His Transmission this last weekend took on a whole new quality experienced by everyone in their own personal way, but totally and completely brought each of us to a completely new view of Reality from which to view our life and gave us tremendous energy to make any changes necessary. Jai David!

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Peak Communication


When I was in college some decades ago, one of my professors (Interpersonal Communication class) wrote a book on how there was this mysterious "peak communication" between humans that no one could predict or manufacture where spontaneously and momentarily, 2 people would experience this "feeling of oneness." That class was the beginning of my journey that, after all these decades and travels, have landed me in the embrace of this divine dancing and melting sea of Bliss — sublime Communion.
Jai David!

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Precious Darshan


8/31/16 Tremendous Bliss pouring through.... A cool spring through a vast desert. Complete Satisfaction. Jai!

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Liberation in most human terms


7/27/16 David gives very direct visceral pointers as to the real awakening process, within ones own humanness, getting real with ones own life — so brilliantly simple. I love how he describes the way the dishonest mind can create who we think we are and where we are going, unable or unwilling to acknowledge, in this moment, what do we really want right now, and why.
He fills my heart with Joy, the kind of Joy that expands life into the pain of existence as well as the ecstasy of being one with our beautiful surroundings.
Jai David!

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Joy and Delight


June 15,2015 Webcast: My solar plexus and heart felt ecstatic vibrations which flowered into feelings of joy and delight. Jai David!

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The case for having just One Teacher


5/25/13 My feeling is that because the Transformations possible in relationship with You, David, are so deep and profound and because it requires a deep trust in You and dedication, other spiritual relationships could be distracting and possibly disruptive.

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At any time Bliss can appear.


9/13/10 Having been to every event of David's for the past year, I realize I've gotten "spoiled" with the constant emanation of Grace, Love, Light and Shakti. However this morning I was again overwhelmed while at work. I was typing a work document and started to smell roses. When I looked around to see where that scent may be coming from I started to feel tremendous shakti, overtaking my body to the extent that my arms felt heavy under the weight of the magnificent transmission. Accompanying this was a great feeling of being Loved and Cherished.

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Something afoot?


3/4/10 David asked me to post this short note I sent him this morning.
Dear David,
While riding the bus to work this morning, I was meditating for awhile and then my attention started drifting to those around me. Each one I looked at had a spark of light emanating from them. I started to see that others are already free and, in a way, how easy it would be for them to feel free. I know it would just be a small shift from the body/mind to their core Being but also realize what vulnerability and trust it would take to give up their point of view/identity, not to mention the tremendous Love and Grace required to catalyze that process. That brings me to the question, why isn't everyone seeking You out, as they are all in Your Attention. It seems it is not Consciousness's intention to wake everyone up at the same time. Or maybe something is afoot and there will be a great explosion, a kind of 100th monkey effect.
Well, time to get to work.

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My first year with David


2/20/10 It was about 1 year ago that I started taking my sadhana seriously. After an intensive with David, I realized that I had to honestly interface with this beautiful Energy, not just soak it in. David says that it is up to each one of us, what type of inner relationship we have with Him and what is truly unique about David is He is always available inwardly in a most profound and powerful way. For me I found that in spending an hour a day meditating with His picture nearby, truly reaching with my heart, He responds a thousandfold.

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A week's events with David


1/17/10 David has held 4 events this week. Below is my experience of those 4 events.
Tuesday's 1 and 1 half hour meditation event was Divine Love, moving in and through my body/mind bringing with it the ecstasy of the Shakti energy and leaving me saturated in bliss.

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