Love Truth and Beauty

We all are the beings of love truth and beauty, right from the beginning of time. All treasures hidden inside. The balance of those 3 brings stability to our lifes here on Earth. In the inner balance the peace is born. From Peace expands beauty, life painted on the canvas of silent love and truth all harmonizing as ONE. Harmony is the path and the goal of life. Love fills all aspects of life bringing fulfillment, truth guards the right action in the expansion of time. The timeless silence watches over the workings of those two. Magnetic pull brings the highest possibilities of fulfillment. Nothing holds you back. I always knew that energy knows better, that love knows better, that consciousness knows better. Living in the unknown can be scary though, very scary. And yet the being would not hold to any attachments, any strings limiting the freedom of movement. For the energy knows better. Always flowing to the highest ground of love and truth. Can be scary for self image though. But the force breaks that too for the being formless would not be limited by form. You know like sometimes our believes limit our expression, and the being roars over it all. Magic of unfathomable energy animating the body mind, drown by heart to meet the other, the apparent other or self in the other. Showing God to God like David says, it is singular. And yet the magnetic pull is so strong, dancing God to God. The recognition of that immaculate concept, that purity embodied apparently in the same territory of time and space is fabulous. Like a cosmic joke pulsing those vibrations, pulsing love and pulsing up to the apparent dissolution of all. This pulse finding apparent other pulse, playing in the pulsing. To live at that level of ecstasy and yet make your bread and cup of tea in the morning, going for a walk, just living simple life embedded in the orgasmic pulse of creation. Everything and yet nothing at ONE, juicy and happy for no reason, just pulsing bliss of nooneness. No name can be given to that. No one ever was able to give it a name. Let's leave it like that.

for David


- What is Death?
+ Death is Life.
- What is Life?
+ Life is Magic.
-what is Magic?
+Magic is LOVE.
-What is LOVE?
+ LOVE IS to Love & Be LoveD,
*D*ancing 2Gather IN-O-ne, AS O-ne, FOR O-ne.
- Who is that O-ne?
+That O-ne is U.
+ Yes. U.
-What is my name then? I bet U don't know!
- what the f+++ is THAT?!! who am I? what the hell am I?!!!
+ Freedom, My LOVE.

By Cristiana