Great Luck

Milky Way
I remember laying on my back on a dark, dark night staring into the sky...there She was splendid Milky Way, It felt as if I could touch Her, walk over Her, gently swinging, David reminded me of Her ...I do not know why I am writing about this...
One day
A friend asked me sth and I replied 'He will find me' and the next day I found myself here as if by magic.
From the first video I just saw a Pure White Light, there He was, The Lord of the Universe, Incarnated God, Avatar and so the David's madness started. It goes in cycles: sweetness and love and peaceful bliss than longing and more longing turn into pure energy and God's madness, body on fire, so I caught fire.
It is beyond doing and non doing, it is pure luck and Great Magic. Life is such a Magic. David is reminding me of that. It is beyond spiritual, it is magical. It is beyond the mind what is happening here. Pure Heart.
My deepest gratitude David for your compassion and All That You Are. You are such a GIFT.
You are my dream come true.
Pure Magic


I cried such sweet tears when reading your comments ! They so thoroughly capture my experiences with David. After trying so many techniques, teachers, etc it now is like the Divine opened it's arms and held me in a warm embrace, pulling this blanket of sweet, wondrous energy over me. I am so glad you wrote this. Mark

By mark.jack --

Mark Jack

Dear Mark, it is so nice to meet you. You are such a sweet and kind men, thank you for your comment. You know something happened. After reading your words about tears I stopped and contemplated. Tears are such a Universal Language of the Heart and in that opening I met you and I met all tears I did not meet in my life before. This river of memories flooded through me of people who cried in my presence and I did not meet them so I embraced all of them, meeting them. I am very grateful for that healing, for that meeting. Thank you. Yes coming here is like being touched by Great Mystery, the Great Mystery of Love. Aren't we lucky?

Sending Blessings of Oneness your way and a warm embrace.

Love Amina

By Amina

All the world's questions answered in the sweetness of your response ! I know you can feel that !

It's impossible to put down into words what is ineffable. Every moment on these webcasts has been a priceless gift. I've learned to love my hate; to cradle my sadness, like a mother soothing the anguished cries of her infant child. I wish everyone in the world would come to know this pervasive euphoric bliss, the cascades of divine effulgent light, the coos of silence beckoning, and all that their Soul was truly longing for; the mending of their broken heart in the embrace of the Universe's Love.

Love Mark

By mark.jack --

Mark Jack

How I loved this most exquisite posting. You speak with such pure innocence and the words describe so very close, my experience of David as well. "She was splendid Milky Way" reminded me of a dream I had after I first met David, of meeting him in the Sky, a sparkling configuration of Stars smiling at me with David's Transmission, drawing me closer...suddenly I was HOME, sweet and primordial....
Thank you Amina for sharing this most precious poetry.

By Abha --


I love you Abha, eternally.


By Amina

By Cristiana

Dear Cristiana,
Love is such a Master, isn't She?
I am a slave to Love for Love is my Nature :-)
When you know that Love is your core and only Love is, there is no fear. You can consciously ride the biggest wave, just surrendering to Love. Fear is nothing but false evidence appearing real. The only Real thing is LOVE.
Do not be afraid, just hold on to Her.
She will protect you always.

Love is integrator for Passion. Gives passion stability for expansion and safety. So than this passionate Love can be anchored in the body and on Mother Earth. It is a very strong energy and it may take some considerable period of time to integrate so it is good to proceed slowly. I know you like fast but that will throw you out of the body. Passionate body work may be good for you, like a good massage with the frequency of love for stability and passion for your own frequency so they can blend. Find a passionate loving masseuse from Osho. Funny feels like I am talking to myself hehehe

This just came so please take only that which resonates hehe ;-0


By the way the beach is so yummy. Have not been to the beach for some time but would really love to soon.
Greetings all the way to Portugal :-)
I love this video of Saroja Part 1 By Prem Joshua you posted. Just simply embodied Love!

Namaste to you Passionate Being, such a Beautiful Passionate Being, Pure Passion!

Love Love Love

I hope we meet one day :-)

By Amina

"WE" will meet. ALL of US. Be Sure of THAT.



p.s. am doing my BEST to go as slowly as possible,,, and believe me: i like IT slow.






By Cristiana

BTW__»» I'm a "prisioner" at my parents till "I" (lol) get more Stable---»»» & guess what? I'm just 6 km from the beach. I went there the other day and I´m going toMMorow 2 ;) will get my skin all golden 4 all of U.S. (((hahaha ;))))))

Great Love & REspect



By Cristiana



By Cristiana

I love you too Cristiana :-)

and Yes, Yes, Yes to All and Glorious, Glorious Glorious is the Lord and we All shall meet !!! You took me on such a joyous golden heart opening ride that I am speechless ;-0 amigo

dreaming of the heart

and yes Bruce has been haunting me so I remembered this


and the singing Lady WOW, have been thinking about that too - singing and dancing hehe and loving, hope he will not break my heart this time

you know I had a dream last night, I was in a new place and in the bedroom and I pushed the window open, and it opened wide and this men came and was astounded and nearly shocked and I saw that this window had like a super hruper security, the whole system to prevent it from opening and a security guard, but oh yeah I just opened it and I said I am sorry I can close it a little but it was too late and than the land lady came and mentioned that this place I was renting was 12 minutes walk from the beach and I was very happy and said let's go there although I could not see nor smell nor hear the ocean - I do not know why I am sharing this :-)
I hope you got some sun for me too today hehehe

You are such a blessing to your family - again I can not say anything about you because I feel silly because I am talking to myself hmm
heheh Have a great Rest at Your Parents, enjoy the SUN :-)

feels like I go to ACTION now ;-)

Big Hugs Cristiana ((((((OM)))))))

and this song is for David


Love Love Love Always :-)

By Amina

U mean this? ---»»» http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ccTQX8W09g
((( LISTEN Now---»»» Past. Burned. Gone. Thrown 2 the Wind. Ashes 2 Ashes. Fire TO Fire.
So,,, worry Not about "UR" heart (or anybody elses). Be SELF-ish. BE Sure that UR mind stands Calm, Pure & Innocent.

May U, dear "Amina" ALLways navigate swiftly through soft & tender rivers.
And Be Sure of THIS: The O-cean NEVER breaks nobody's HEART.


Great Love & Surrender,

By Cristiana

no not that much although playing in the lila, in the apparent duality the One may choose to break one's heart and cry the stream of tears just to experience them and than go back to play, I respect all loves madness even to the point of annihilating yourself in the name of love, who am I to judge, I simply do not know the workings of One love

I really do not know anything my dear friend amigo

just the One breaking ONes own heart and embracing all as One, playing loves ONe game of hide and seek, finding and loosing, forgetting and remembering, flying up, flying down, horizontal up till horizon and back again and yet static and poised all at One - wicked game as you say ;-)



By Amina

i really do,,, i miss you So much :(((

but i'm learning patience now & learning to receive, which is still so difficult for me,,,
I'm jobless for now, getting it all, my human act, togather,,,
I would catch a plain tomorrow to meet you and David,, but my financial situation and my social status quo is a complete mess right now, plus this great "condition" that I am Absorbing of Not Knowing is so overwhelming that the wise thing is just to stay here,,, and maybe, like we say it in Portugal: " If Maomé don't go to the Mountain, the Mountain will come to Maomé! ;) what do you think?,, :) we'll see,,, LIFE has Magical Plan for "us" All,,,,,,,


By Cristiana

Dear Cristiana,

Everything is Possible :-)

I just got back from Egypt.
Do not worry about the job and money, they will come when needed.

It was so funny when I was in Egypt I discovered that Hator is associated with Milky Way :-), I just connected with her while there. When I entered hotel lobby I could feel those horns and a disc between them above my head, it was funny. Needless to say that my travel agent name was Grace, tour operator Rainbow and on the bout on Nil cruise I stayed on AngelHotel.
My trip also come out of blue as I do not have a lot of money and somehow live flows miraculously its own way as if everything was planned before. Miracle after Miracle...'just follow the thread of your own longing'...
I love Madredeus and Walt Disney. It would be fabulous to do something creative on that level of beauty. Possible impossible should be in our reach too ;-0
I resonate with you Cristiana deeply and with David too, you are in my heart so distance is not a problem. Sometimes it comes and I feel you both or one after another and there is so much love. It feels so good to feel this love. Home.

Lots of Love

By Amina

My dear Amina, I dream of True Magic,,, I dream of helping to create an actual place of extreme Beauty, a space that radiates true freedom where everyone could just BE themselves, sharing their unique gifts with one another,,, When I lived in Mexico some years ago I ended up gravitating towards Maya lands. After a great personal suffering I was going through I was atracted by Tulum and there Life just opened up to me,, I felt the entire universe making love to me,,,,There's so much I wanted to say to you right now but nothing seems to be coming,,,
I am completely available to Life though. May this Great Love use me as It will to bring forth all the Magic I feel and know I AM.
I am just so grateful for having YOU in my life.

Muito AMOR,

By Cristiana

One taste goes a long way :-)


i also love native people and native lands where the Magic is stored in the cellular memory. This love I feel there puts me literally to my knees as if for the heart is so heavy with love hm such a gratitude, when i was in Egypt I connected with Nubian people as if I were there before All Native People just open my heart so much for their hearts are originally opened, what would we do if it wasn't for them to keep this secret of loves magic in place...just to bow down and rejoice and join in this dance,

mucho love for Holidays Session
Ewa :-)

By Amina

Last night I remembered why Milky Way. I saw Her in South Africa in Kruger National Park. We stayed on the staff premises and at night this Lion would come close and roar. His roar literally shook the earth. Beauty!

By Amina

By Amina

I have no words to express my Gratitude to David and Love. This Cosmic Love affair. It is true what David say that the Master takes you on the cosmic trip. I feel I have been taken by David to the deepest and dearest and furthest parts of my Self.
I am so happy David is here. Nobody else would be able to aid me to go so deep and remember so much. Like a Sun shining all seeds are sprouting and pushing through the ground. Things I have forgotten in childhood are coming up to the surface. What needs to be remembered is reviled. How wondrous! I am touched so deep and so relaxed. HE knows all about me and all my steps are guided in the right direction. False things, connections fall apart and what stands alone is pure beauty. It has been long journey. It feels like I am coming home. How wondrous! Malaya! Freedom! For All!

Thank You David
Much Love and Appreciation :-) hehehehe

By Amina