Deep Peace

Deep Peace Namaste


Deep peace, namaste!

This made me think about my job. Over the road truck driving can be looked at two ways from my perspective. One being the most overworked, underplayed, and disrespected from society. Or, and how I look at it. To be payed for an activity that will make me grow from the deep peace it creates. I feel so lucky! I love it! It rubs off and has become a joke between my girlfriend and I. Yesterday or the day before I can't remember. Which by the way has been a side effect from the bliss and peace of the job. Lol. She says your in Utah aren't you. Yeah, I respond. Well its knocking me out. Lol. Utah and new mexico, new mexico more on the deep peace side of things. I get extra coffee going through there. Lol. Luckily the Petro truck stop off i40 has a Starbucks now which seems to have extra jolt compare to the regular truck stop coffee. Oh I love my job! I wish to sell everybody on how truck driving is a wonderful job for someone on a spiritual growth. But that's only my experience I remind myself but yet I keep on selling. Lol. Obviously as I have just done it again here on accident. Lol.
Deep peace and bliss. Does anything else matter I often wonder!!!! Ha ha

By ryan