Light House


Thank you David for the light house you are. The boat that I am seems to drift at times from this lighthouse you are but at least by wednesdays you always bring back helping me too continue to flow with the storms of life and all the dark waves entailed in these storms, but you my friend are special lighthouse indeed that no distance can prevent your light from shining to those that love you, i hope to bring this ship closer to the shores of you and the absolute in this no space place. Thank you for bringing this boat home time and time again. Jai My Friend :)

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Seeing David Everywhere


This topic, is about a relationship that is a paradox, as there is but one without a second . . . is it from the poet Rumi where the lover knocks on the door: “Who is there?” asks the beloved, “It is me!” - but the door is not opened. Its a beautiful arousal to realize as the lover that the beloved is finding Her expression of Love, Her vehicle, through the lover who knocks and answers Her inquiry with “It is you!”. David is recognized then, detected, as the Divine Feminine.

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I very rarely ask David for help in a physical, material way. His Grace is so omnipresent in the form of Shakti and Bliss. But he has helped my children many times without any asking, and sometimes when they were desperate they have asked him themselves. But David to them is their mom's thing...
David seems to know about them without their connecting to him...I can only guess that his Love is so vast for us that he takes care of those we love too.

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Wow I've been struggling so much for sometime now as gracefully as possible meditating continuously and it seems something has tremendously lifted since this mornings webcast so much weight has been removed (quantum) thank you so much David :)

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suffering to illumination


I have been in a cycle for sometime now of deep fear etc. within the last few days God only knows when, it dropped and it seems as though a awakening has occurred.

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The Grace From Cyberspace


One of the most peculiar aspects of David's way of teaching and contacting is that he does much of it through the internet. It really puts a new iteration on the entire notion of "avatar". I am not aware of any spiritual teacher of significant realization who sends so much initiatory power through the medium of cyberspace, or who goes so far as to say that his website is an extension of his body.

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Out of the Coal Mine


Out of the coal mine into your heart!
No separation here now. Nothing can keep us apart.
Like a freight train gone past go, but right here at start.
Go back to the garden now. It’s time to be in God.
The tree of life is inside of you. It blooms like Aron’s rod.
We ate of the tree of knowledge. It put us under the law.
Got to go back to innocence. Unblock the silver cord.
Out of the coal mine into your heart.
No separation here now. Nothing can keep us apart.

Judy from Fairfield

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Presence in my Life


Thank you David for your personal relationship, indeed you are with me when i draw near too you and a great comfort in moments of distress, I love You.

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Satsang, the Avatar and the World


Recently returned from a kind of initiative activity in Cuba, which, unlike previous kinds of undertakings, was inclusive of a direct experience of relationship with the Avatar. About that is what is truly important to share with you. Such activity is driven by personal desire, even if to some extent rooted in a compassionate energy. Having David in my life and moving with that in confrontation with the world created an intensification of personal psychological pain; but then this is intimately related to the infilling of Bliss which is available in Satsang with David.

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Labor Day


David, in love with you, I am
As outpourings of you
Lighten up and set free
Outpourings in me…

Ah, to feast no more
Upon the endless crumbs
Of Karmic french fries
A never-ending, perpetual “Lasting Supper”
Bite after sterile bite
Chewed up and swallowed
To what end?
A bitter belly…

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