I Have Seen a Radiance...


My last blog set off quite a thread that went into a direction that was much more intellectual and complicated than I anticipated. The heady style obviously isn't everyone's cup of tea; therefore I'd like to say something more inclusive from the heart.

"It's [Enlightenment's] nature is to dissolve everything... even the knower of It.

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Tapasya and Shiva


Along the lines of my previous post, 'Converting Everything into Bliss,' I would like to bring up the concept of Tapasya, or Tapas, which is sanskrit for "heat" -for those who aren't familiar with this word. Tapas is, along with David's Transmission, the way to convert everything into bliss.

In the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna says:
"Physical sensations, truly, Arjuna,

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Intoxicating Bliss


Yesterday's broadcast was a Nectar to my being.
Soon after the meeting had started, I was inebriated with Bliss.
Laughter came out of this cosmic joke called Life. I can't stop laughing even now!
(luckily I don't have to be at a funeral)
There was no remnant of mind to ask for more.
It was nothing but pure joy, a feast in Heaven.

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Accepting the Simple Truth


Namaste from Portugal :)!

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Has this ever happened to you?


Last night's (Wednesday Jan 20, 2010) online meditation with David was, as always, extremely powerful and blissful. I quickly dropped into a deep mediation to the point that I was "barely aware" that I was "barley aware".

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A week's events with David


1/17/10 David has held 4 events this week. Below is my experience of those 4 events.
Tuesday's 1 and 1 half hour meditation event was Divine Love, moving in and through my body/mind bringing with it the ecstasy of the Shakti energy and leaving me saturated in bliss.

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Converting Everything into Bliss


An enllightening bolt out of nowhere, this weekend's Intensive with David burned Divine Consciousness, or Satchitananda, into the nervous system. Ecstasy raised me from the dead. I was dead tired, dejected, bummed out, and during the day I mutated into the primacy of Ecstasy, leaving my cares abandoned among the lillies.

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Relationship unfolding


My relationship with this website started about one year ago. David caught my attention via youtube videos.

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2009 - The Year in Review With Perspective


2009 was an amazing year of Divine Light, Bliss and Love. Doing the math, in 2009 alone I (and many others) were able to sit with David and receive his Divine Shiva / Shakti Transmission over 150 times! Even if you didn't have the luxury of living close to David, there were over 90 events you could attend online from any location on Earth (as long as you have a decently fast internet connection)!

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Initiation and the Nature of the Absolute (in essay form)


Initiation and the Nature of the Absolute
by David Spero

Within the Absolute arises Its own Power of Initiation. You might ask, "Why?" That's like asking, "Why does the sun rise?" The answer is: it's in Its Nature to initiate, to fire out of Itself, to spread Its glory. That’s the nature of the Self, the Absolute.

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