David, My Self


David is my friend, my self. He/ I constantly reveals so much more than just this little human consciousness. From a great pillar of light, to constant shakti vibration, to open eyed samadhi, to the pure recognition of the love-light that I am. I'm all there, nothing held back, completely revealed, extreme reality at it's finest.

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I inherited a home from my Grandparents and I am currently renovating it. This house comes with it's fair share of ancestral karma and there is quite a bit of funky stuck energy to deal with. Working with that energy has been somewhat intense as it has substantially effected my sleep and dream life, as well as my waking life. Yesterday, I put my mac with a DVD of David playing in one of the rooms that really needs energy clearing. Not only that room, but the entire house became filled with the Paramatman and Clear Light of Reality.

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At any time Bliss can appear.


9/13/10 Having been to every event of David's for the past year, I realize I've gotten "spoiled" with the constant emanation of Grace, Love, Light and Shakti. However this morning I was again overwhelmed while at work. I was typing a work document and started to smell roses. When I looked around to see where that scent may be coming from I started to feel tremendous shakti, overtaking my body to the extent that my arms felt heavy under the weight of the magnificent transmission. Accompanying this was a great feeling of being Loved and Cherished.

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The Core of David's Teaching


Tonight, during David's Internet Meditation, a viewer asked David to describe the core of his teaching. To me, the question was so broad and massive that I really wasn't sure how David was going to answer. How does one sum up an entire teaching? My mind flickered w/ possible answers. "The core of my teaching is that realization is a gift," David said. Wow. My heart connected instantly. That was it. All of my years sitting w/ David and the answer was that simple, that pure, that innocent. Profound. My previous notions lay shattered.

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Divine Distraction


I am Divinely Distracted by a great Vision.

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Bliss from Remotely Tuning Into David's Awakening Intensive Far Away


Yesterday, I experienced quite a blissful transference of Consciousness from David during his Awakening Intensive...even though I live in Hollywood and the intensive was in San Francisco.

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Bliss, Grace, Music & David Spero


This entry accounts for my experiences with David on July 7, 2010.

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Ma Prana Shakti


Last night was a whopper of a satsang. David began the evening by laying out the non-dual nature of reality in Advaitic terms. He used a beautiful metaphor, likening the mind to a small plot of land enclosed by a fence. When one (seemingly individuated consciousness) approaches the fence and looks to see what is beyond it, one can see the vastness of Being itself, spreading in all directions. The limited mind is necessarily operating within that unlimited expansion.

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Secret doorway


Earlier this year I felt directed to David's teachings, and I've been regularly attending his webcasts and receiving his darshan. This is helping me to integrate the 'me' as consciousness with the 'me' who goes to work and lives a mundane everyday life. Lately it's becoming quite effortless to remain in Consciousness, and those old feelings of disappointment at 'falling out of Consciousness' are now generally replaced with a quick inward glance to see that I am still Consciousness and that nothing was ever lost.

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Absolute Beatitude


David is BEYOND amazing. The more one sits with him the deeper and more astonishing it becomes. He ushers you into the immensity of the Kundalini Shakti, which is utterly mind-blowing beyond anything that can be said. Everything... the mind/body, and the world is subsumed in a Light that eats, transforms and transcendentally outshines all ignorance, everything. The Most All-Pervading-Avataric-Nirvanic-Krishna/Kali-Force will midwife you into ever greater unfolding mysteries.

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