The Science of God


The only regret I have in this life is that my Godhood was not met from the beginning. It started at conception I think. In the orgasmic pulse of my parents making love there was a reservation, my mothers reservation to accept God. Since I opened my eyes even before, when I embodied that zygote I knew that I am on a tragic journey of no survival. And yet that consciousness in a miraculous way always stayed with this apparent body. In the world of no love, in the world of random truth that original impulse and imprint survived.

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Love Truth and Beauty


We all are the beings of love truth and beauty, right from the beginning of time. All treasures hidden inside. The balance of those 3 brings stability to our lifes here on Earth. In the inner balance the peace is born. From Peace expands beauty, life painted on the canvas of silent love and truth all harmonizing as ONE. Harmony is the path and the goal of life. Love fills all aspects of life bringing fulfillment, truth guards the right action in the expansion of time. The timeless silence watches over the workings of those two. Magnetic pull brings the highest possibilities of fulfillment.

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Great Luck


Milky Way
I remember laying on my back on a dark, dark night staring into the sky...there She was splendid Milky Way, It felt as if I could touch Her, walk over Her, gently swinging, David reminded me of Her ...I do not know why I am writing about this...
One day
A friend asked me sth and I replied 'He will find me' and the next day I found myself here as if by magic.

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Attention Is Sacred


Attention is so sacred
Attention on you, David,
On your face, your speech, your darshan
Reminds me of the beloved,
The One in whom I first met deep inside myself.
With attention on you, the beloved
Includes the outer Nature, and I merge with That.
I have discovered again the grace of the Guru in embodiment.
Thank you for your webcasts!

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The Tragic Love Affair


The last few days have been a passionate love affair with myself with the occasional glimpses of the "outside" world. I find myself enthralled in the affair, romanticizing at times, indulging in it and even at times feeding the numerous moments and thoughts of deep heart-felt tragedy of death and suffering. Even as this epic love story is being penned down by me, I cannot but see it's a completely self absorbed love affair with me. It sounds selfish but it's the UNconditional in the one mind that knows no bounds or caps or quotas. It is completely free to be what it is. What gratitude!

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Flavors of Awareness


Pod Cave

Surrounded by four walls
I lay in cool darkness in my pod cave.
Sweltering heat tried to penetrate the walls.
Only the sound of the frogs could get through,
lively chirping in my ears, as if to say, come out and play.

With no sense of sleep in sight,
I hastily threw something on and
ran out into the night,
enveloped by a damp blanket of heat.

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Stinson Beach Intensive


Hello David's friends,

The last meditation Intensive of 2010 was held in Stinson Beach on Saturday Oct. 16. I took several pictures while we were strolling along the beach after meditation. Feel free to contact me for the link to the online photo album from this event.

Love to all who are One!


Gabriela ;D

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I am from Fairfield, Iowa and about a month ago I listened to an interview of David by Rick Archer on his show Buddha at the Gas Pump. When I saw his face, I felt like I had seen him before, maybe at MIU where David briefly went to school and where I spent many years on staff. I then went to David’s two web sights and watched all his videos, read all his writings, and began sitting in on his Wed. night webcasts.

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I Am Ever


Last wednesday I intended as usual to attend the live webcast which turnes up at 02.00 am at my local time, but my day had been very busy and I was exhausted, so I set my alarm and vent to sleep.But when the alarm rang I must have turned the alarm off while still a sleep. But curiously about 30-40 minutes later I woke up and the thought Oh no Ive misset it passed trough my mind! But then calmness came over me and in my awareness as I lay in my bed I had the experience of being engulfed in light and peace, as an infant in the loving embrace of the Mother, all is well, all is well .

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World's Beyond Words


I remember my first webcast some 2 1/2 yrs ago. I wrote David " WOW". I could never have fathomed such euphoric bliss ! He told me to wait and watch what unfolds. I know those of you at last nights webcast must be smiling, nodding their heads. The Love/Bliss, the delicious indescribable joy dissolved all questions, made us into one collective HEART. Every utterance of David was drenced with this intoxicating experience. It doesn't matter what one believes Sahaj Samadhi is, what we have read in spiritual texts ! A few weeks ago David said,"words are mundane".

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