Krishna's Laughter, Christs Tears


Before I had opened into the Absolute, the rub of my Absolute and Relative identities felt painful, I felt like I had to do something to fix myself, I felt wrong. But now that I have opened, and continue to open into the Absolute, this rub manifests as love, devotion, Krishna's laughter, or Christs tears.

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Stay Tuned... or Don't Ever Stop Feeling.


What a relief!... This walking into a clearing after being lost in a thick forest and inhaling prana rich air. After being on so long of an odyssey, wrestling with dragons of wrong views, drawing swords of wrong conclusions fo years and then to come to rest in full recognition of Him. I have no doubts at all. I am fully convinced. Now I can unabashedly take my seat, let devotion flow and be instructed without resisting. The 'splendor of recognition'.

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kundalini shakti


I was introduced to David by Terrance via facebook. I love that David dialogues on the subject of kundalini shakti. I believe the more we dialogue on this subject the more we can learn and evolve.

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SF Intensive


It is so magical how easy it is to tune into David’s transmission. Not having seen David for over half a year, sitting with him again brought such a familiar, comfortable, and loved feeling. It’s like seeing your old best friend: you can cut through all the chatter, and go right into the heart.

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A jewel of an opportunity.


I first "sat" with David five years ago and my inner self immediately felt an affinitity with him. David IS unique in that he has NO lineage and essentially offers no techniques for effective inner exploration. The essence of David's message/teaching in my humble opinion, is so simple and uncomplicated. It seems to me his message is simply.."be with me," just sit with me with an open heart and let me infuse you with the divine spark of shakti that is transmitting itself through me. He openly asserts he is an "Avatar," with a specific mission.

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Merciless Devi


O divine witch, what suffering you bring.
I am driven to madness. I am desolate. I am incomplete.
Like a skittish cat, you tempt and retreat.
Cruel temptress! Inviting me in, you keep me at bay.
I must gaze at you through your screen.

Shall I live another year on your doorstep?
I am trapped. I can neither advance nor retreat.
You bewitch me with your beauty.

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Nothing has been the same since coming into this lineage of Transmission. Shakti is felt all of the time and the potential inherent in it feels limitless, containing the fullest implications of Consciousness Awakening and Expansion. A door has been opened and the opportunity is here to walk through IT and to Feel to Infinity. This IS a feeling-based transmission and it will feel into every place in being if cooperation occurs.

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I love You David


David, although I’ve only been around Your Form for two months and a week, I feel I’m falling more and more in love with You and miss You terribly. I’ve never felt this way before about a teacher and know in my heart You are my true root master. I feel grateful and fortunate to have finally met You and have started to feel how You have been there for a very long time. All of this is Your Grace of course. Nothing compares to this relationship with You, the Divine. Thank You for all the lessons and gifts given while not being able to see Your Form. You are so Beautiful and I love You.

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The Science of God


The only regret I have in this life is that my Godhood was not met from the beginning. It started at conception I think. In the orgasmic pulse of my parents making love there was a reservation, my mothers reservation to accept God. Since I opened my eyes even before, when I embodied that zygote I knew that I am on a tragic journey of no survival. And yet that consciousness in a miraculous way always stayed with this apparent body. In the world of no love, in the world of random truth that original impulse and imprint survived.

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Love Truth and Beauty


We all are the beings of love truth and beauty, right from the beginning of time. All treasures hidden inside. The balance of those 3 brings stability to our lifes here on Earth. In the inner balance the peace is born. From Peace expands beauty, life painted on the canvas of silent love and truth all harmonizing as ONE. Harmony is the path and the goal of life. Love fills all aspects of life bringing fulfillment, truth guards the right action in the expansion of time. The timeless silence watches over the workings of those two. Magnetic pull brings the highest possibilities of fulfillment.

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