Life really is a precious gift and it does require other people


Over the past few years of meditating with David, his community has become my extended family and I love you all!!!

Meditating, studying spiritual topics and hanging around spiritual communities for the past 25 years, I read and heard innumerable times that "Life is a gift." The phrase has always made sense to me from a philosophical perspective and there were even times I could agree with it, but I never actually really, truly, felt it.

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Videos are such a gift.


Thank you David for mentioning the posting of 'The Flow of the Heart'. I've absorbed it many times today because it speaks intimately to my knowing and experience. Profound blessings, Lynn

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Come talk to me


Come talk to me
never stop
talk to me
- cause only Your voice is Sweet

Talk to me
don't ever stop
I love You
with every inch of my being

keep talking
inside the ocean of Your Voice
i swim
like a dolphin
keep talking - I love You more
more than anything
For only Your Voice
is oceanlike
I know of no other ocean

Talk to me
for I know of no other sound
than You
your voice calls me home
as the sound of sound
Let me cry now
let me cry forever

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I experienced a tranquility, peace and a sense of serenity today in David's webcast. I have not been able to meditate on my own at all due to distractions of the mind lately after many years of deep profound experience's. So it is refreshing to receive and be able to sit in silence. Thank you for the grace and commitment to truth.

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What the guru taught me


When u think about it
The self is most rejected -
Truth, beauty...
And human beings (the mind) can be unbearably repugnant!
And reject "itself" and define" itself "and separate" itself" from itself in that process even more, making the situation, worse, much worse.
Most minds don't want the self-more ugliness.
Despite the use of thinking to define the self, to separate,to justify action, to further separate-
To declare reality( and how could that ever be done)

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Your help, David has made a tremendous difference in my Life. I feel what seems like "Grace" in all areas of my life quite often lately. Thank You SO much! Namaste...Ruby.

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Reality is Love


Have no doubt, this Reality is made out of Love -
All things seek to take shape as Love.
Everything wants to merge and get lost
inside the unfolding origin and source
to be found as Love.
Come! Get lost with me, deeply
into the ease and care of Love.
Have faith.
Trust -
Love will find you.
Trust is out very nature, our nature of Love.
The world is lost in deception -
dare to wake
Come into this wakefulness - right here and now!
Love more, love deeper -
never let go of Love

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"Come Here" is Love -


I could write many words, but I never want to, everything i ever wrote or spoke is already lifeless and dead.
My interest is Here. Always here, right here, only here in the unfolding life
functioning as the unfolding life.
Come Here. Feel me. Where are you going, and what are you going to do?
Don't you know there is only Here?
I'd rather hold on to you in love than to speak.
My words will only hurt you.
But when we come into Love, I will speak to you as Love,
and every word will be like a gentle stroke against your hair,

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The Luminous Colors of Love


I am swallowed into the Colors of You - completely eaten
Who was I before this? - I do not recall
This is me. I am taken back
I have been waiting - but now I need wait no more
I have arrived in Your showering color-bliss
Bathe me, eat me!
I know of nothing else - All this is Everything
I never was anything
but the Luminous Colors of Love

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I know of nothing Beautiful, but the Avatar


I know of nothing beautiful, but the Avatars embodied enlightenment.
Trust my words on this. I want to cry and cry in pure relief.
Having met you David, and meeting you again and again, when I feel you coming to me and helping me, when I am unable to bear my life anymore, is the greatest blessing in my life.

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