Love You


I love you.

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Leaning into the Avatar


Leaning into the Avatar -
Eagerly surrendered I lean
into the Avatar
like I child crawling into the arms of a mother.
As I live, I am living in the Avatar - walking down the road - leading to the Avatar
Come lean with me... live... and be lead

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Realization Without Love


Realization without love has made me dramatically more aware of my suffering - not liberated from my suffering - I recognize that all that matters about my being human is love - nothing else matters

I am free amidst a society that can not tolerate the freedom of simply being - I am mearly an object that is obligated to give them something or to take something from them - but I am not free from 'eating' and being 'eaten' by others - Even if I'm not hungry, I am pressure to 'eat'

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Why Bother? Nothing Has Ever Happened......Ever....So Why Bother?


Why bother writing and speaking when it comes to reality itself, regardless of its context or reference points-points of view / experience?
The point of view that points to reality itself is a limit on that reality, so what is its value? Why express it?
Can one point of view truely "know" any other point of view?
What is transmission? Is it the amplification of a point of view / experience?

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Blessings on Many Planes


I have reconnected with David in recent months and want to express my deep gratitude. In this moment I am particularly grateful (and in awe, as well) for some 'miracles' that have been showing up in my daily life in response to asking David for his blessings related to some difficult circumstances involving my mother, who is very ill.

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Thanks for the "tech support"!


Dear David,

Seems like your lila has struck yet again.

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Gratitude Unexpressed


Very touched yesterday by David's frank and true words that, for me, meant that we open ourselves to crystalizing our spiritual experiences when we give recognition to wherefrom they emerge. I have not done that for some time now though much has unfolded maintaining a "consciousness connection" with David. So also gratitude unexpressed may not be gratitude at all. I do place my head at the feet of our Master David when grace enables a sudden capacity to do so.

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I listened to David's webcast tonight and wanted to share my thoughts about courage. Someone asked on the webcast if courage is needed for realization. David said something to the effect that it brought up to him courage that is associated with the military and the wrong use of power. That is certainly one way of thinking about the word courage. In that context, courage would not be necessary for realization as David pointed out.

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Heartfelt dream


I had an extraordinarily beautiful dream the other day, and felt I must write to David to tell him about it and the background behind it. He said it was a powerful darshan and asked me to consider posting it here, so here it is. I live in Australia and cannot come to the US to sit with David in person, so perhaps it may be helpful to others in the same situation.

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Some Thoughts


I have come to realize that in the end (although somehow I don't think end is the right word) it is love that matters most. A strange type of devotion and surrender to everything....for everything is this/me. Not some samadhi or temporary experience, not to some teaching or teacher. But love. Not a concept of what you think love is but a full embrace and immersion. I am deepening in this immersion...or at least it feels that way.. A strange type of deep humility too. I think the humility comes because of the nakedness of reality.

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