I Sit


In the bliss

Of it all

I sit.


In its pervasiveness

To seep into the

Cracks and crevices

Of the ordinary,

Transforming them

Into golden droplets

Of pure essence.


I float

Into the rivulets

Of its grace

To know myself

As This.

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The Fullness of Life


I had the most powerful and magical 4 days of my life at this final retreat in Sedona. Deep Deep....so deep, full rich meditations. Tantric visitations at night of divine Mother caressing herself in ecstasy through my body. Who could have ever thought this possible. I had read stories in the past of such experiences but never dreamed they would be happening to me. Even though experiences come and go and clearly are not to be clung onto......they leave a beautiful fragrance of divine light and love infused into my being.

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Its Been couple days since the retreat here in sedona so i believe I'm purdy well integrated enough to say that , I'm here nowhere a blissful self , thats it :) Happy <3 .. David presence was so healing for me the darkness that has daunted my navel area emotional center for eternity is much lighter.. Thank you David and Orley and everyone that made the retreat what it was.. Namaste

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What is a David Spero Intensive?


What is a David Spero Intensive? To me…everything and no-thing.

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Bliss Infusion


Ever since attending the July retreat in Sedona, it's felt like I've been riding a wave of greater bliss and energy. I'm becoming more familiar with the sensation of simply resting in this living relationship with David and what he is. I had to wait hours at the airport for my flight home, yet I can still remember the deep sense of sanctity I felt about my being as I sat at the crowded terminal. I didn't want to change my thoughts or touch ANYTHING about the way I was. I didn't feel the need to evolve or love myself or anything like that.

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is happiness permenant or always subject to change


I was thinking about Doug's question on the forum. If you think of the innocence of a child, he's happy most of the time except for times when he falls and skins his knee or wanders off and discovers he's all alone for a few seconds until he see's his mother watching him. Then the pain of the skinned knee and the moment of fear vanishes and he is happy again. He's happy most of the time because he's innocent, but ignorant of who he really is.

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is happiness permenant or always subject to change

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Stumbled upon a Gem


I reluctantly decided to attend Davids event last friday in Sedona, i was amazed at the purity and preciousness of what i experienced and what I'm still experiencing .I also attended his webinar tonight , I'm so grateful to have discovered David. Tonight was nothing less than immaculate. David came into my life at a perfect time i was stumbling along for a while and his work has given me wings. Much love, Namaste. Rob Sedona, Az 7/29/15

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Love You


I love you.

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Leaning into the Avatar


Leaning into the Avatar -
Eagerly surrendered I lean
into the Avatar
like I child crawling into the arms of a mother.
As I live, I am living in the Avatar - walking down the road - leading to the Avatar
Come lean with me... live... and be lead

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