Consciousness Alone Exists – Part 3: A Neuroscience of Attention


I expect by the time I post this on David's website I will be about to return to New York from Havana, so I will have been working on this 5 part series of blog entries for six weeks. I have been doing very little of a “practical” nature. I do housekeeping, a little cooking and take shopping excursions with Marcia. I have been doing some design work for completing some furniture with carpenters and beginning some ironwork projects. I can practice tabla more each day and memorize some poetry. I am re-learning songs from the mystic poets of Bengal I first learned in the 1970s.

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Consciousness Alone Exists – Part 2: Mind-Brain Relationship


I have been in the new place in Havana for several weeks running now. This series of blog entries is approaching completion. I posted the first one to David's website recently and now this one. It has been a great way to occupy my thought sphere! I may get more posted before I return to New York February 15. My plan is to attend David's Intensive in March and have everything of “Consciousness Alone Exists” up on the website by that time.

First, to recap from Part 1:

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Consciousness Alone Exists – Part 1: Preamble


Since relocating to Havana I have been enjoying, as a aspect of my activity, writing for the blog made available for me by David Spero's website. Writing evokes meditative awareness, along with avocations such as music (tabla), poetry (Ramprasad/Hixon). Also important are taking out the garbage, getting plenty of rest, watching good movies from Cuba's excellent black market, and getting inspiration from a few choice texts always on my bed table (D.S., U.G. and J.K.). I am usually finding fascinating things going on in the world in which I detect some fragrance of the Divine.

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A poem to share from Sean


Garden of Verse

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I was looking


I had been looking at work in/with David and how, if at all, that was any different from my old suffering sadhana in which viewing the world, it was a horror, people, mechanical horrors, and my life to be something to escape from, something below standards and impoverished…..
There had been this meeting in my mind, emotions and body and the thought….it's all life, its' just life. And that, a reasoned approach to happiness….
Today- happiness, bliss, peaceful energy….and the recognition: this is what it is to go beyond the measureable!

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I love you


I love you

Tuesday, November 28, 2017
10:48 AM

I love you
I love you
I love you
And refuse to count the ways
I don't have to spit out all the butt-ends of my days and ways
Because to despise is not to see
A double bind is an opportunity for the Zen koan

There is no loss and no gain, there is, is
There is powerlessness and power both contained in one mystery?
They operate at the same time
In each victim of subjectivity

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I've got to try and write some of this stuff down....


Tuesday, November 28, 2017
8:08 AM

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Sane Functioning


Notise me now
very carefully
give your full attention to me

I am the functioning og sanity
everything is seen as it is
in it's nature as me
and in it's escape from me

You've lived the life of escape
you can't see me now
cause your insanity is pulling you apart
but theres a spark, and that is the doorway

You see clear
I am the Pure Man
from whom light is shed
turn your face towards my sky
in me you will recognize the Old Golden Land

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The Transmission of Enjoyment


It is the morning of November 16 in Havana. I'm still relishing the fading glow of the dream of David during the night. We were in repose, his graceful transmission giving reassurance of our union in Consciousness, his being with me here as he had told me would be so. I reflect on the growing clarity of that benediction while gazing out over the balcony at the ocean and the channel leading into the docks. Only about 500 meters away a huge cruise ship as high as my sixth floor balcony and two city blocks long is returning to the sea.

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Thank you


Thank you so much David

Today was my second time in one of your online meditations. Today felt lots of beautiful energy circulating my Presence, very strong and very deep. Felt your Presence inundating my Presence. Thank so much again.


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